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Ailuria Star Eyed Report | 05/31/2014 11:56 am
Hey Sadistic Suzie remember me I am the one who won your raffle at Animazement, I was wondering how you got the achievement over stocked, because I put the same item in 20 times in a row and still have not got it and I have also put in 20 of the same thing.
Natasha Dawson Report | 03/31/2013 12:50 am
Add my skype? c:
A New God Report | 03/24/2013 3:15 pm
Lol I never mess with tumblr. It just seems like all you do is reblog pics and like them.
A New God Report | 03/24/2013 2:48 pm
Hm, what are you up to now?
A New God Report | 03/24/2013 2:37 pm
I was wondering why you weren't on for a while lol. I'm just gaming on the ps3 but I would be on steam or w.e if I had a mouse.
A New God Report | 03/24/2013 2:31 pm
How are you :3
A New God Report | 03/24/2013 2:20 pm
Heya o:
Kuubosuiki Report | 03/11/2013 9:16 pm
Good lucku :3
Kuubosuiki Report | 03/11/2013 8:12 pm
Added o 3o
Kuubosuiki Report | 03/11/2013 7:38 pm
Can't find your ID :c

It's About Me B#tches!

'ey there loves, I realize I'm not on here too terribly much anymore so if any of you are interested in talking to me, send me a message and I'll happily give you my skype and other contact info.

Lets make this short and simple.

Real Name: Jessica
--Call Me: Suzie or Blythe
Age: Twenty
Birthday: March Ninth, Nineteen-Ninety-Three
Resides: North Carolina
School: Western Carolina University
Sexual Preference: Ladies
Taken: No

Random Information:

- I want to become a medical examiner, even though my mother would rather me go into the law field and my father would like me to become a computer programmer.

- I can sing.

- I play various instruments.

- I'm tiny.

- I model.

- I'm pretty much blind in my right eye.

- I do not care what people label me. I am Jessica E. Lloyd and that is my label.

- I am quite easy to get along with.

- I love Icons; you can learn quite a bit about me from them.

- I support going green.

- I'm very sexual.

- I had this odd desire to become a Suicide Girl.
== I have a spot in my heart for Bambu and Fractal.

- Tattoos and piercings are a turn on.

- I'm blunt.

- I'm brutally honest.

- I have a horrible tendency to be a b***h. Hehe, whoops?

- I cosplay.

- Kawaii = cute. Cute = ♥

- I'm obsessed with Angry Birds.

- I'm a Poke' Nerd.

- Zombies make my pants happy.

- I enjoy blood.

- I have three tattoos.
== A usb port and headphone jack behind my right ear
== the classic pokeball on my left hip, dive ball on my right hip.
== A turtle on my left foot with a green hibiscus flower; sister tattoo.

- I have three piercings.
== Two ears {first holes gauged to a 0 and my second holes are at a 12g.}
== Lip ring.
== Belly Button.


== Message me if you're interested in a snail mail kandi trade.

I do NOT accept random friend requests.

Former Usernames;;

-- *One that I don't remember XD*
-- GirlsSecretLover
-- Insomniac-Neko-666
-- r4inb0w_n3kk0
-- Captain Kitty Claws

My Quests

* My Wishlist Items

** Updated every 10-20k **

Contact Le Sadist

Skype: Abor Philosophorum
Tumblr: Message Me
Cell Phone: Message Me
** I have unlimited text messaging and I enjoy phone calls. So don't be shy.

This Little Boy has My Heart

R.I.P ♥

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Shall We Have Some Music Dears?

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Well, at the moment this is just going to house my tektek avatars that have won contests along with any quests that I happen to have that include multiple items.


205 / 250 White Ink

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// Go ahead and bitch //
>>{ Raver. Poke'Nerd. Roleplayer. Cosplayer. }<<
[[ Want to trade kandi? Message me. ]]


happy on the brightside


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The Cosplay Kid