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Report | 06/24/2015 12:06 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol It's good that he's used to it because my characters will probably diss him about it forever. xD That's funny Kylie would not know what to do, she would be tempted and scared at the same time I think lol Oh okay I just wanted to let you know first just in case, in any case, I'm working on Sebastian's as we speak~ :]
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Report | 06/24/2015 11:42 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Lol yeah, Shane is going to be all like 'So your brother is a hunter named Hunter? Really?' and like diss his name so bad and go over to Deadra all like 'He's a hunter named Hunter, ain't that dumb?!" and probably get slapped. lol xD Exactly! She'll be all happy and go along and be corrupted in the process of getting more of those strawberries! I love them already. Also hun, fair warning, Arlie may be extremely perverted around Deadra and may get grabby, so if it makes you uncomfortable at all let me know okay? :] I'll stop and go three steps back if not more okay? biggrin

Oh yeah I completely agree. I'd take two weeks over five months any day. :3
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Report | 06/24/2015 11:11 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Really? That is so funny, hopefully that doesn't happen. Shane is not going to like getting stabbed. At all. xD Yeah, I can feel some of my characters personalities changing a little bit too. Adrian is becoming more snarky then I originally planned him on being, not sure about the others yet. Oh yeah, and I was thinking that Kylie is a very easy person to seduce, give her something cute and she is yours for the night. lol well probably not that easy, but easier than everyone else. xD Right, I just saw this video reciting based on the song milkshake and a whole bunch of guys ran over and I'm all like 'Oh s**t! That's Lola getting a cut on her hand!' xD

Oh I see so it doesn't kick in for that long? :[ Man, that sounds difficult.
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:52 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol I can see that happening, as long as she don't stab him because he goin' to get mad and make it painfull! lol xD Sebastian will probably be a b***h back to her, I can see Shane and Lola kind of getting along to some degree. Kind of. xD Lol it's fine, sorry I thought you really did have an idea. Right? Like one small cut and like 50 vampires are chasing her down the street. Kylie included. xD

Oh really that long? How are you feeling now? :3
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:10 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Awesome! :] Sounds good, he could follow her back to her house and pounce on her in the middle of the night and give her a sensual bite! >D Not sure about the couples yet, so maybe have the four of them interact first and see who clicks better? Sebastian is gonna be an a*****e to both girls though, it just depends on who clicks with it you know. :3 Oh what ideas did you have for those four? I wanna hear~ And its gonna be so damn funny, I kinda wanna see Lola get cut so everyone can go psycho and chase her lol

Oh I see. :[ Yeah that makes sense, and it happens everytime you don't take them?
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Report | 06/24/2015 9:42 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol. What if she figures out that Shane isn't Sebastian, will she still try to kill him just because he's a vampire? He'll probably peace out once he realizes that he cannot drink from her. He'll probably smell that her blood is laced and be all like 'I ain't drinking dat s**t!' lol Almost finished with Adrian's reply. :]

Lol me too! Now on my second cup! And trying not to get distracted by just dance videos lol I'm thinking I'm gonna get some video games very soon. :3 Ohhh I see, how are you feeling right now? Oh do you get tired on your feeling depressed? :[
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Report | 06/24/2015 8:20 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

They were very good~ :] I think it's really cute how Lola is painfully aware of the dark side, Sebastian will probably scoff at her and talk s**t like usual. He will definitely find her amusing while Shane is gonna get sooo pissed. And Kylie's mother is gonna come by and embarrass the s**t out of her, and Sebastian will scoff again at the sight of the woman lol Small warning though, Shane may possibly flee the scene to avoid needless bloodshed..or Sebastian may send more 'company' over to his house. :]

I'm doing very good, about to get started on my posts and drink my morning coffee. <3 How about you, my dear~?
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Report | 06/23/2015 7:45 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Lol yeah I can see that too, everytime he gets beat up he just takes it out on some slaves lol xD Poor slaves, I kinda feel bad for them you know?

lol Right? xD My mother came home so I can take a break from the little heathen lol
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Report | 06/23/2015 6:59 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Ah I see, okay nevermind then lol. xD Yeah Shane could definitely help Deadra out with catching slaves and stuff. :3 And that's fine I understand, I'm starting to get there too lol.

It's fine, and no problem hun I'm happy to help :] It's fine I'll be able to catch up on my sleep too soon~
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Report | 06/23/2015 6:41 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Oh I see. :] I remember you mentioning that she deals in slaving, I just wanted to make sure it was the same thing. lol hmm could it be used kind of like a brothel where they have to pay or no? If not, we could have them meet outside somewhere or maybe Deadra has to meet with another slaver for trade at a club(shady club meetings) and Arlie could just happen to walk on by? I dunno. What do you think? :3

That sounds nice, I bet you're all caught up on your sleep huh? biggrin I've been stuck watching my four year old niece who didn't take a nap so I couldn't take one ugh! Dx It freaking sucks!
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Report | 06/23/2015 6:20 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol They do, they are gonna be fun lol And thank you, I'm happy that you think so~ biggrin Oh I see, I remember you saying something about her being a mistress? Maybe Arlie can stop by her business or something? And what kind of empire does she run? That sounds very interesting. :]

Oh I see. :[ How was your day though?
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Report | 06/23/2015 4:43 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol Adrian will find her totes adorbs and insult the s**t out of her! xD >D Okay hun, mine are finally up! Hopefully they are all okay and I didn't God mod at all with Shane too much, let me know if I did though because I'm trying to be careful with that. I'll change anything you need me to fix. Also I hope that Arlie's isn't too random, she has very out of the wack personalities so her posts may be a little crazy. :3 Right? I'm watching the wedding ringer, I love this movie he is so funny in it! <3333

Aww really? That is so sad, I hope that they are okay now! <3

Oh..let me know if you ever need to talk! I'm here for you my dear~ :] I'm doing good! How about you?
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Report | 06/22/2015 9:07 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

They are amazing, my love~ :] I shall be getting ready on my replies, Ashling cracked me the hell up and Adrian will be all like 'Oh hell no time to s**t on dis b***h!' lol not literally though, I watch too much kevin hart for my own good. xD

Right it would be weird, Arlie will be all like 'Do not talk to me no more.' and will like attack Shane. xD And then the whole world would explode! lol

Yeah, me too. :[ I sent him a text on the way to work, there was no response so I'll leave him alone. I just said 'hey just wanted to see how you are doing :] I'm here if you need to talk' and just left it at that. He's doing gymnastics all week long and he's got a whole bunch of s**t going on so I'ma take three steps backwards. xD
Oh yeah I see what you mean, yeah I wouldn't want to take those either if they are like that. Hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow <3
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Report | 06/22/2015 2:30 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Yay~ Thanks I just wanted to make sure they didn't seemed to rushed or anything. xD

lol Nooo I meant Sebastian and Deadra, i'm sorry. xD Nah Shane and Deadra are bros for life, that would be too weird if they start ******** ever, it'll be all like 'What happened to the world?!' lol And I can see that happening, Arlie would be all like 'You better start explaining right now!' but yeah I can see them eventually opening up more to each other. She'll open up about her love for romantic comedies and stuff and make Deadra watch them with her. She be cray cray.

He's got down syndrome and he's been in and out of the hospital with cardiac arrest and went back when he found out that he had liver problems...I think he might have a stunt growth problem because he looks like he's two years old. It's so sad. :[

Aww why are you feeling depressed? D: And I'm doing okay, just trying to get myself distracted and not think about him too much. Dx
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Report | 06/22/2015 12:52 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Alright hun~ :] All my posts are done and I hope they were okay? :]
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Report | 06/22/2015 8:44 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Yes me too! <3 I love those two so much~ They be my faves~ <333 biggrin

Sounds good. As long as it don't end in angry sex, Arlie will be very very angry and lose her ******** mind! lol Oh nice, if she ever tells Arlie that she will drag her a** outside to play volley ball and enjoy the sunshine with her. :3 It's pronounced like Are-Lee, short for Arlene you know? xD Yeah I think they would be, it will definitely be a fun time, they'll be baes for life while Deadra and Shane are like kindred spirits you know? Okay good, I was all like 'Damn, hope that's right! I dunno for sure.' Yes, good news, Adrian's was finished last night and three more to go. :]

Yeah, my friend told me that and I'm all like damn I feel terrible. :[ He was trying so hard to keep himself positive about it and I guess they can't him. Poor boy, he's suffering from all these medical issues and stuff and he's only 8 years old. Dx I didn't know it was so bad...

Anyways how are you today? :]
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Report | 06/21/2015 9:45 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Lol same thing with me but the opposite with tough characters going soft. lol Socio hasn't gone soft and I won't let Sebastian go soft either! Lol or Shane! xD

Oh okay I see that's interesting. He'll steal some of her slaves then lol xD I'll be sure to look more into those tonight, I'll be up super late more than likely I dunno why it happens. xD Okay so I finally found a good model for her and her new name is Arlie! She's definitely the crazy of my crazies. She's the wildcard, she never sticks with any thought or belief too long. She's all over the place and pretty damn strange. Here is her finished profile. I'm very happy with how she turned out, I cannot wait to bring her in! :] So I'll probably go back to the beginning and do Adrian, Kylie, Sebastian, Shane while you do Ashling, Lola, Lethia and Syn(not sure the order for those last two) and then when it's back to my turn we can bring in the new girls.

Yeah I found out that his brother is dying and he's busy with gymnastis and stuff and I'm all like 'Damn I'm an a*****e...Dx' I'l try to text him tomorrow to see if he's doing okay. This time I won't get upset if I don't get anything back. I completely understand. :[
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Report | 06/20/2015 3:32 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Aww thanks, I'm glad that he's not coming off as a wimp or anything. I'm always scared when my tough characters go soft. It's so sad. :[

Socio:....-shoots Boomer- >D
Boomer: -is shot in arm- T ^T

lol What cute nicknames! He would hate them and want to kill her lol Sebastian will probably still some of her sex slaves and make them work for him instead lol Oh nice, I have heard any jewish or celtic ones, I should look those up when I get the chance. xD Yeah, I found that out when I started looking more into it, for some reason other people think that they are sirens too. lol They are very interesting, I love it so much.
Really? I think I might go with Serbia, that b***h got it going on! lol Plus I never really get to play those kinds of people lol. xD Or I might just keep her the same and change the model. Dunno yet, I just really like Miss Serbia. xD

Yeah thanks I hope so too. ; . ; I'm trying hard to not take it so personally, but it's hard not to.
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Report | 06/20/2015 2:27 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

LMAFO! Right? It's all like 'b***h you said he would be mean!' xD Yeah Izzy went from being the hardcore bad boy to bad boy with a heart of gold. o.o What the hell?! xD Aw well, we still love them righ? xD

Socio: No frau, a** is the best part. Nothing else, I'm afraid...

Shane would shake his head and deny it all, since they can walk out in the sun and are powerful then the turned vampires, but not as strong as the dhampirs lol He wouldn't worry about Kylie because she couldn't hurt a fly. A dhampir army though would be the funniest thing ever, Sebastian would be all like 'You ********!' lol Oh yeah he did, he killed her without any problem but as soon as he picked up Kylie he couldn't go through with it. :3 Oh nice! I'm really into mythology at the moment, I'm really interested in the greek mythology right now. Sirens are my favorite to read up at the moment, I think I'm more interested in the mermaid kind than the giant ugly birds with human heads kind. :[ I don't think the mermaids count as the sirens though...
Oh and I think I found some models I would like to use for the baby sister. Now her personality may alter a bit depending on which one you like better, but it'll only be a minor change! :] Kristin, Claudia, Miss Serbia. So Kristin will be more playful and teasing but far more lethal than the original, Claudia is the original one I chose but had second thoughts about, and Serbia will be more dominating and possessive than the original. Also Shiva's name may change depending on who you choose. So who do you think? :]

Honestly with Syn, I don't think it will take him very much to get to her. The man is sexy as hell, one look from him will make her shiver. lol xD If their sex life is rough, Kylie will be terrified and enjoy it at the same time. I can see her getting all embarrassed when he teases her though. lol

I hope that is the case, I really do. Dx I'll try to talk to him when I go to work tonight and pray that he's not repulsed by me. :[ All we did was go out and nothing else you know?
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Report | 06/20/2015 12:26 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol Okay, I'll stop I just felt really terrible couldn't hold it back! I wouldn't mind sexy Sven so much~ <3 lol I wuves you too~ Yeah, sexy vixen sounds more like her. lol Oh god, right? One thing I know for sure Shane isn't going to turn out all cute and cuddly, he's gonna be an a*****e, I'm just not sure how big of one just yet. xD They both came out pretty vicious, Evie is still cute though and Livia is more of a lovely seductress. :3

Yes, Sebastian is very cruel. In their family they look down more on hybrids than anything, her mother was a mistake and Sebastian wanted her to die before giving birth but Shane made it there to late and he took the baby instead. I wonder how he's gonna be when he falls in love. xD Aww, that sounds kinda cute in a creepy way if that makes any sense. I can see them having a very rough sex life, not sure how Kylie would handle it since she's all innocent and stuff. That would be interesting to see. lol

I dunno, we went out on Monday, he told me about his brother in the hospital and now he's acting weird. Like what the hell? He'll say hi to me and we'll have a short conversation and that is the end of that. I dunno what to do.
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