Goes by the name Ashling/Ash.
Firm believer that names hold power.
A lover of dark carnivals. heart
A lover of creepy-cute things.
A Role-Player.
I'm always up for roleplay.
Has a wicked imagination. heart
Halloween is my favorite time of year.
Socially awkward.
An Nyctophilla.
An introvert.

A Freak-Show. heart
Loves to learn about all kinds of mythology and folklore. Demonology and angelology.
A believer of magic.
Major Bookworm.
Loves horror and psychological thrillers.
Adores winter and the rain.
Laughs a lot.
Adores kitties.
Fan of coffee and tea.
Loves Winter, Autumn and rainy weather.
Just adore randomness!
And loves to make friends smile

I also call everyone "hun", "dear" and "sweetie" so don't take it personal.

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I feel LOVE at gun point



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iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 05/22/2018 5:54 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Hey sweetie. Did you want to play Jay and i have walk himself through runnimg into him or do i do both? Up to you. smile
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 05/20/2018 11:25 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

That sounds good to me! Let's do it! smile
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 05/17/2018 7:52 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Aww, that is so sweet in the weirdest and most confusing way possible. He is the only one who can hurt Aiden, it makes sense. :]

lol That would be so cute. It's like father and mouthy son with them..more like a*****e father and a*****e son. So funny. xD Aiden will be selfish in that situation and make Neely stay with him no matter what. There is no Aiden without Neely and vice versa. These songs actually remind me of them; Aiden && Neely&& Both. lol I'm serious about this couple lol! I thought they were fitting for each one. But they will always have a rocky relationship no matter what.
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 05/17/2018 9:26 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

That works for me. I can see Aiden walking home and minding his own business when the group of kids walk over to bully him. He will not take any s**t, especially if they take turns beating him up. Lol it might not get that far since Neely will find them but yeah. Stubborn as ********. xD

Aww, that is so cute. Aiden will be suprirsed that Neely would risk so much for him, it'll definitely mean a lot. He will just be toying with him about it every once in a while. xD Since Neely wouldn't want to be turned, I'm thinking that Aiden will be stuck inbetween. He wouldn't want Neely to suffer like he does but he wouldn't want to live on forever knowing that he will never see him again you know? He wouldn't want to see Neely die on him like that you know?
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 05/17/2018 5:40 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Right? Aiden is the kind of guy who gets what he wants, and if he is unable to, he gives it his best damn shot at least. xD He's too stubborn to pull back.

Oh I like that idea. The only thing that is that Aiden would never willingly go after someone to go after him, they would have to go after him first and then he'll respond with his smart a** comments. Maybe Neely isn't there at first, but he comes in and sees it and then blows up. I can imagine them getting into a really fight over it and finally jumping each other and having angry sex. I don't think they should get back together right after that, maybe they just get very territorial and banned the other one from seeing other people while it's going on. I imagine the feelings will be there still, but I just don't see them jumping into a relationship after sleeping together the first time but they'll probably act like they are back together again. Carlie will be so confused and be like 'ya'll mother ******** dating or not?' xD And then Aiden's parents can find out that he still likes guys and try to send him into straight camp and that can maybe spark something between them. :]

lol That would be so funny. I don't even think Aiden will realize how strong he is until he squeezes Neely too hard or he excitedly jumps him and knocks him over on accident. I can definitely see some very sexy moments between them tho like when Aiden decides to feed off him and stuff. xD I'm thinking that Aiden will refuse to change Neely for some time until maybe he can get into an accident and will be on the verge of death and Aiden will realize that they cannot lose him and finally gives in? lol Sorry about all this planning, I got excited.
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 05/16/2018 7:48 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

So I was wondering what Aiden could prove to show Neely that he actually cared? Maybe Neely lost his phone and Aiden tried to reach him like a million times? xD I dunno lol
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 04/26/2018 7:27 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

It's Okay! Me too!

That sounds good to me. I love it. Is Even still going to end up with carlie or no? He sounds very fun tho xD
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 04/26/2018 6:18 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Yeah, that's true. He knows about it, like not full detail but enough for him to know. He seems understanding for now, so yeah. :]

It really was. She was diagnosed as unfertile at first and than she got pregnant so I dunno what the hell happened. It was kinda gross how it was done tho..xD But that makes sense.

I can't see their sex life being any other way either. Even if they are all cute and happy, it'll still end up being angry and Aiden loves it when Neely goes rough on him. <3 Awe, I think Aiden will know that Neely loves it because he would have stopped it if not, but they'll never admit it to eachother. And that makes sense, just don't be surprised when Aiden gets all frisky cause Neely pulled a gun out on him. xD Oh and I'm gonna do a time-skip to them having dinner at Carlie's house. Did you wanna have Sven in as a side character? Aiden is still gonna be turned into a vampire, right? xD
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 04/26/2018 5:43 pm

iiStrawberry Lush_x

Right? It really took it's toll but only because it has been a ******** year. Stupid a**. >> I have seen the movie already before we went today, and I loved it. He's a really cool guy, I just don't think I see him that way or I'm just too hurt to let anyone else in.

Of course, hun. I understand, and I hope that it won't either. As long as she is healthy and stuff she should be fine. I'm pretty sure her health would be doing down south by now if that is the case. I'm certain that my sister had some kind of cervical cancer because she was losing her hair and weight(just dropping it with no excersise) but she never done anything about it. It just vanished after she had her daughter. o.o

Angry sex is always a must for them. Like even if they aren't fighting and stuff, I still see their sex life being very angry for some reason. Just angry a** people they are. And since Neely is all scarred up and stuff, I can see Aiden kissing every single one on his body when they have sex. It'll be so cute. xD ohhh a gun? Neely won't hold Aiden at gunpoint and force him to strip, right? No lie, Aiden would be very turned on and find it thrilling if that happened. He has some ******** problems too.
iiStrawberry Lush_x

Report | 04/26/2018 11:52 am

iiStrawberry Lush_x

lol He's a really good guy, or seems like one. I just got burned a month ago by the same guy who's been leading me on for a year. So I'm really hurt and dead inside but I don't wanna to cancel on him. Dx We are seeing a quiet place, I've seen it already and it was good. Just want to get this out of the way and be free the rest of the day, he knows about it and understands but I don't think I'm ready. Dx

Oh I see. Well at least it hasn't been confirmed so there is a chance. If you can recommend green tea to her, it might prevent them from coming back. I heard that it kills cancer cells, and it's got an amazing taste after a while. :] But yeah, there are plenty of home remedies that could work as well in case you want to start the research now for her just in case? :]

Aww. lol They are so cute. Any ideas on what could happen between them?


No matter how much,
you think you love someone,
you'll step back,
when the pool of their blood edges too close.