I'm Done.

Hit Me With Your Best ******** Shot Because I Don't Give A s**t Anymore.

Use Me.

******** Me.

Beat Me.

Anything You Desire, Baby, 'Cause I'm Dead Inside.

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Greetings and welcome to my profile page, random visitor. Lets cut past all the ‘normal’ pleasantries and get to the basics.

I am [formerly known as] God. I am Sadism. You may address me as one of the two. Only a special few know my real name. You have to earn the privilege of calling me anything besides ’God’ or 'Sadism.'

Now, you may not like this declaration of Heavenly Status, but, frankly… I do not give a ********. You see, I am not your average God. Nor am I your run-of-the-mill Sadist. Oh no, my pretties. I am the Epitome of your Carnal thoughts. I am your Sin. I am that unreachable ******** that you wish you had, but will -never- get. I am that kissable mouth you wish you could taste. That succulent flesh you are dying to slide your tongue over. The deliverer of those delectable moans and throaty whispers in the darkness that make your pants tighten instantly. I am Untouchable. A textual Casanova with a flair for pretty words. I’ll win your heart and throw it away without a thought. Am I really so good, you say? Yes, my pet.. But you will never get to sample me for yourself.

I am a b*****d. Sarcasm and Sadism made flesh. An a*****e that you cannot help but love. I am Pessimism Incarnate and you will never change that. I am a loyal friend to those who have earned my respect and they will forever have my love. You will not. I am a Grammar Nazi and a Spelling Whore because, as my dear friend says, ‘the uniform is hot.’ My scars are my own. I do not need your pity, nor do I want it. I am not Emo, Goth, Prep, Skater, Punk or anything else you may want to stick on me. I am simply me.

I am tired of trying to fit the mold of what people think I should be. I am not your toy no matter how much you may want it to be otherwise. I am not looking to be your ‘lover’ or your ‘pet.’ Been there, done that. Old hat, old news. I used to breathe simply for your love, but now I draw sustenance from your hatred. I used to bottle all of my anger, but now it is out and bigger than ever. Cynicism is my cup of tea and Narcissism keeps me going.

Do you think I am Egomaniacal? Well.. That’s your opinion. I just find it more worth my while to be self absorbed than listen to your useless, inane prattle. I find honesty refreshing. I do not tolerate stupidity, nor do I endure fakes.

Have you made it this far? Good job! If you’ve made it to this point, perhaps you should send me a PM and see if you and I can’t make some kind of conversation, eh?

Forever Shall This God Know Fear

Goddess Of Canines

You've left us, my sister, but you will always be with me.
You were a true friend among the liars.. The light in the shadows.
You helped me stand tall when all others sought to hold me down.
You soothed my pain and bandaged my heart.
You were generous and loyal to the last and I will always remember how you made me laugh when I felt like crying.
You were more than a pixelated person.
You were beyond mere text.
You were part of this God's heart and you will forever remain so.

Please come back some day.


You are one of the very few people I've shown my adorable side.
Caring and nurturing, you help me feel good about being a chubby little nerd.
We instantly hit it off and I hope that we remain friends for a very good while.
Even with the trials and issues you've gone through, you still remain kind hearted and sweet.
You make me smile and laugh.
I am more than proud to be your Laekitty.


♠♣♥ About Sadism

I will just start off with this: I suck completely at writing these damned things, but I will go ahead and try.
My name is Sadism.
Not really, but that is what you can call me.
I have been on Gaia since April 19th14th, 2006.
Gasp! I know.
I am short.
I am cute.
I am intensely violent and sadistic.
Don't let the pretty face fool you.
I will [********] you up, if given the chance.
I am not one of those skinny scene fags that seem to be in fashion nowadays.
I am fat.
I am a writer.
I am an artist.
I enjoy walking through meadows full of flowers and corpses.
I hate everyone with a fiery passion until they give me reason not to.
I am one of the most polite, likable people you could ever meet IRL.
Too bad this isn't IRL, huh?
I adore Literacy.
I am pretty narcissistic.
I have a huge ego.
It likes to be stroked.
So do it.
I am a book nerd and a wannabe gamer.
Wannabe because I am too poor to buy many games.
Currently obsessed with: Final Fantasy Tactis: A2 for the DS.
I have over 150 volumes of manga and around two hundred books.
Orson Scott Card books make me 'gasm and Piers Anthony books get me hard.
I am kind of blunt. o 3o
Big words turn me on.
I have a -HUGE- vocabulary and I like to use it to confuse people because that is just how I roll.
I am black.
You know what that means, eh?
Though I am only half black.
So I can't rap.
I dislike rap/things resembling rap with a loathing so pure and complete that if you spout something by 50 cent or Akon.. I will dropkick you in the d**k so hard, you'll be having nuts for breakfast for the rest of your natural born life.
I am a sweetheart.
But only to a few select people.
Unless you give me s**t.
Then I will like you for the duration of said gift's life.
I am honest.
To the point of cruelty.

I am Fleet Admiral Sadi Butterfly of the Royal Plushie Navy.

I guess that is about it.

Hit me up with comments, signs or art and I might throw some gold to ya.

;D ♥♣♠

Lovely Contributions

GoddessOfCanines- Kitsune mask, Chyaku Norisu scarf, Kelp o' the Loch, Orindae Gen1, Snow witch, Gpin, 500k, a beautiful couple art of her and I.. Some other things I've forgotten, I'm sure.

Aristar- A bunch of beautiful art of her and I.

FearfulNitemare- Unicorn horn, Fausto's bottle Gen1, some lovely art.

Kite_shadow89- 15 blue inks, 2 black inks. <33

Licentious Toxicant- A bunch of ink. <33333

Carpe Ominous- A couple of inks.

Daemon Sadistic- Green body dye. <333

hells_eclipse- Black and purple ink. <3

Origami Circus- Black and purple ink.

DemonCobra- Shadowspirit, a shitload of bugs and so many inks, I think I lost consciousness for a few minutes after accepting the trade.

[.Purple.Heart.A.Gram.]- 13 black inks. <33

Favorite Gaian Quotes

Sadism.Butterfly: -Could have made an obvious black joke there, but didn't.-
Sadism.Butterfly: -Pats self on the back.-
[Name erased person #1]: I wasn't talking about penises. -.-
Sadism.Butterfly: >__>;
[Name erased person #1]: :O I'm black, and I like black jokes.
[Name erased person #2]: XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadism.Butterfly: I'm black too.
Sadism.Butterfly: >_>
Sadism.Butterfly: I make black jokes all the time.
Sadism.Butterfly: <_<
Sadism.Butterfly: Its funny when my white friends are like: -Nervously looks at to see if it's okay to laugh-
Sadism.Butterfly: xD
[Name erased person #2]: I'm white washed asian.
[Name Erased person #3]: I'm English, Scottish, Irish and some Indian.
Sadism.Butterfly: I'm Native/Black/Norwegian.
Sadism.Butterfly: xD
Sadism.Butterfly: ...
Sadism.Butterfly: And Puerto Rican..
Sadism.Butterfly: Soo.....
Sadism.Butterfly: -Makes everyone a blanket, then does a drive by through the KFC parking lot on his way to conquer and pillage, then shanks a random person and sells them some Columbian blow.-
Sadism.Butterfly: -Pose-

~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Toy Mallet: We are the elitists and literate aristocracy of the Gaian Slots, we don't come here to play, we come here to chat, and you sir, are deliberately hindering our efforts to do so. (In response to a Noob's asshattery.)

[Room occupants at the time: Toy Mallet, Sadism.Butterfly, ErgoStyx, K ii E R O - - xx.]

~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Licentious Toxicant: Wow.
Licentious Toxicant: Fade, your ava looks like the prostitute who harasses me on the way to work every morning.


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Selestia Bell

Report | 09/25/2013 12:53 am

Selestia Bell

why thank you very much ^w^ heart

Report | 12/24/2011 7:37 pm


lol you're welcome. Happy holidays! :3

Report | 11/16/2011 8:38 am


Lovely art. ;]

Report | 01/31/2011 4:11 pm


I enjoyed the your description, i like it when people are blunt it makes what there trying to get out much easier to understand. sadism means you dish out the pain right? well if your god wouldn't the pain be so unbearable that normal people would pass out or at best case Scenario die? On a completely unrelated note, is there anything i can get for you? you know Gaia wise? you probably believe that I'm a mental incompetence so I'm just going to stop typing. bye~

Report | 12/21/2010 9:48 am


Oh you adorable little monster. I could just hug you and probably get a limb torn off but I'm use to it. c':
May I paint your enticing face? For if I must say, your whole "about me" section was a good read in my opinion.
It some what attracted this roamers attention from how devious yet humble such an honest person can be. I can find so few as I am one as well so it just created a grin on my face. Creepy, eh? I would say so.
Added to that, Sadism is a real treat for me that I find gives off an alluring scent for me.
Back twords the reason for me even placing a foot here from my unnecessary rambling.
May I paint your avatars face?

Report | 11/29/2010 2:29 pm


I miss you, darling.
You are always away for far too long.
Splediferous Masochism

Report | 07/15/2010 2:19 pm

Splediferous Masochism

Finally put film in my Momiya, so I['m on an analog photo thing
Splediferous Masochism

Report | 07/15/2010 8:57 am

Splediferous Masochism

mhmmm. so what's been on?
II Drewz II

Report | 07/13/2010 10:50 pm

II Drewz II

trade you hidden ace for your inari's beads
Splediferous Masochism

Report | 07/01/2010 6:38 pm

Splediferous Masochism

No but my UN used to be Masochistic Butterfly, so I found it funny. sides you were on the "recommended friends"


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