Information ~~ Read Me First


Allright, you have found me. But you know nothing about me, apart from how my character looks or from the way I talk I assume you are either curious or have created a few assumptions of me.
Without being too obvious I am a avid roleplayer, while Im foreign to the english language I believe I handle the challenges I pose through the language fairly well. As a roleplayer I consider myself of the literate kind, the kind that will mirror your post and hopefully blow you away so the only option left is to crawl back from the impact and ask for more~

Enough braggery. I belong to the european, northern hemisphere, which means that like many other people I am being a victim of the abuse of the terrifying devil named 'Timezone'. While Gaia is alive I am more or less asleep. I am of the sweet ages between twenty and thirty. More precisely I am, in this moment, aged twenty-three.

As a person I am a loving, caring person. Perhaps to the extent where I range towards crazy and silly, easily giving away items to friends of mine on their wishlist for funsies. If I ask you how your day has been it is not idle smalltalk on my behalf, I am genuinly curious about how you have been.


If you are curious where to I am looking for roleplay partners, or if I want some idle chattery.. The quickest way to get a hold of me is either through profile comments, or through personal message if you are shy. I rarely bite, and those I bite do deserve it. So please, contact me if you wish.

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