the one and only~

Well hai thurr. You can just call me Remilia, Remy, or Rem. I'm a 22yo weeaboo loser with no life whatsoever.

I am the "black sheep" and I march to the beat of my own drum. I'm very creative and I think outside the box. (The glass is refillable, you twats!)

One of my favorite mottos is "do no harm, but take no s**t". I basically live by this principle.

I'm always open to making new friends! If we have similar interests/hobbies/passions then chances are I'll have an easier time talking to you. I'm pretty shy and awkward thanks to a lifetime of bullying and emotional trauma.

Usually on Gaia all I do is lurk the forums and design my avatar. Feel free to ghost me and show me what you come up with! My ghosting ID is 11411336.

My sass and snarkasm is legendary. Memes are my specialty.

Here's some more details about me;

• I like; video games, anime, manga, cats, sleeping, food, caffeine (I'm a junkie, lol... iced coffee, tea, soda, anything to get my fix really), arts and crafts, music, singing, drawing/editing, writing, roleplay, peace and quiet, being alone, memes, shitposting, the internet in general.
• Favorite hobbies; gaming, writing, drawing/editing, doing arts and crafts.
• Favorite music; J-pop, J-rock, video game soundtracks, metal, 90's/00's bands (Linkin Park, Green Day, Three Days Grace, P!AtD, etc)
• Things I collect; wallets/purses, shiny objects, electronic devices, lanyards, keychains, pens/pencils.