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Heyy my name is Sabzzz!! I'm weird but you love me anyway. I am about to be 21 and the next time I re-write my about I will be 21. I am super psyched.

FIRST thing you need to know about me... I love to ROLEPLAY!!! So please if you are reading this and also like to RP don't hesitate to Message me. I'm always looking for new RP partners.

SECOND thing you need to know about me is.... I ama total dork! I am never found without a book on me. I absolutely looove to read. I'm a complete sucker for romance. I don't just read romance novels though. I also love fantasy, gothic romance, mystery, comics, some manga. I'll basically read anything as long as it can hold my interest.

not really saying anything because you wont be able to read it unless you're an alien because yellow burns... sorry if you're trying to read this. I am silently laughing at you for reading the yellow words... HAHAHAHAHA

THIRD thing you should know... music is seriously my life. If you want to check out my instagram twitter or snapchat my users are SabzzzFlan same as on here. I'm starting to look into new artists and hopefully share them with the world.. well eventually people will notice me.. for now if you could help me out by following me I'd greatly appreciate it.

ANOTHER thing you might be intersted in knowing about me is.. I am wiccan. I grew up in a catholic/methodist household. We never really were forced to believe in chistianity until I fully read the bible at age10. To be honest I didn't really understand half of what it said but I had gone to bible camp three years in a row and wanted to fully understand the religion. So I read the bible... I thought it was a load of crap. Like why would a god all powerful being.. tell me I have free will and then give me a million rules to follow or I'll go to hell? I started looking into other religions when I was 12yrs. I was enthralled by paganism. I loved that these religions worship the earth. If there is a god would he or she be in the earth... everywhere and not sitting on a pedistal looking down on us literally? I'm still learning about Wicca each and everyday. and even still I grow to love my goddess and the god more and more everyday.

ALRIGHT I'm almost done... I just wanted to have a rainbow. HAHA anyway heres one more thing you may not already know... I have a slight obsessin with BATMAN. Okay maybe you knew that already... and maybe my obsession is slightly more than I implied but either way Bruce Wayne is my husband so deal with it.

OKAY last thing I'm going to tell you about myself... I am Bi-sexual. I like men and women. not that you need to know that but heres what I want to get to... More recently I've started to lean more towards women. This is because I was raped at 17. I know that kind of sounds like im being one of those whinny brats but I'm totally serious. I was a virgin and I had been being nice because this man happened to be my stepdads cousin. I didn't realise "I'm alone at your moms house on the fourth of july." meant "I want to ******** you." I thought he just was sad he was alne on a holiday. Anyway yeah that happened. Yes that was a little personal but the more people I share it with the better I feel about the situation. So thank you.

Blessed Be!

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Journal De Sabzzz

In here I may just jot down thought and I also have some short stories I'm going to share.


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Did you get my reply?
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