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ewagan Report | 03/17/2018 6:42 am
sab why are you still on this hellsite lmao

i suddenly feel very poor again
AliceLoathesWonderland Report | 03/16/2018 8:11 pm
my first time moving out of home biggrin
Tryna Lia Report | 03/16/2018 4:58 pm
Tryna Lia
im curious what the cosplay scene will be like at this one since it’s a general comic con and not an anime con
AliceLoathesWonderland Report | 03/16/2018 1:08 am
good news is i got a accepted for a new house today!
Tryna Lia Report | 03/15/2018 6:12 pm
Tryna Lia
go be one with ur fellow nerds
Tryna Lia Report | 03/15/2018 5:47 pm
Tryna Lia
ive gone to the anime one here a few times

im sure there must be some big ones in calgary >>
AliceLoathesWonderland Report | 03/14/2018 7:49 pm
yeah, well i need to leave before my brother gets out of prison. dumb mum is letting him move back in even after he abused us and threatened us with guns. sooo im just gonna leave
Tryna Lia Report | 03/14/2018 7:19 pm
Tryna Lia
local comic con

first one. we've never had one here before
Tryna Lia Report | 03/14/2018 7:01 pm
Tryna Lia
a con is happening this weekend i cant wait User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Tryna Lia Report | 03/13/2018 11:10 pm
Tryna Lia
u cant hide the TRUTH FROM ME


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