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Item List:
Ash Hot Top
Black Fishnet Stockings
Black Glamrock Belt
Black Goth Skirt
Black Net Top

Dark Halo
Dark Halo
Egyptian Cobra Headband
Ice Tiara
Leather Collar with Cross
Lunar Scythe

Estimated Total: 170,714 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 28 April 2007)


Name: Maxine
Nickname: Max or Maxxy
Race: Human
Class: Hunter and Paladin cross
Main weapons: Lunar Sythe, Crossbow, Magic
Abilities: Elemental of Ice, Magic (light and dark arts)
Bio: Maxine's parents were explorer and damn good ones, they were killed in a freak incident while exploring the Arctic and Max was left alone. She found a Ice Elemental school in the middle of the Arctic and stayed there, learning and growing powers that she didn't know she had. The school was destroyed some years later when she was 15 and again she was left alone, everyone else who was part of the school destroyed in a heap of fire.
Now she's a hunter able to survive harsh climates and works for bounties. She always makes her bounty with no mistakes. She is a vicious fighter who loves with play with sharp things, we weapons of choice are crossbows (naturally for a Bounty Hunter) and her Lunar Sythe which was the only thing that survived the ashed which was her Elemental Home.
Appearance: (working on it)

I love FF and Blindside heart heart


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