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Ready, Able~Grizzly Bear

Why, it appears you have stumbled upon what seems to my profile!
Nyahaha. Well. I have not much to say, and so I do not bore you with the details, I'm just a normal ol' (sorta) 15 year old with simple problems such as grades and social issues. Somehow. But with back problems. ;D

Life could be much better, but I'm happy. Can't complain.
So before you go ahead and pull a Kurt Cobain on us, I bid you adieu, and leave you with

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Wandering eyes, I see.

Random useless facts? I don't see why not!
I recently lost my pet dog. ;-; / I love clowns. Now. / I own a pet tree. / I has two brothers, one useless, one useless by choice. / I am straightedge by choice. d; / Atm, I should be studying. / I have a Bucket List! Which I am still currently working on. / Music, along with most of the arts, is my total addiction. / I already have an idea of plans for my future, Plan A and Plan B, but I am expecting to fail. / I have numerous medical issues, but none too life threatening. / Most of my friends are graduates of '10. And I will cry for the first time in so long at their graduation. / Quotes keep me entertained, as does making random lists I throw out sooner or later. / I love feathers. / Scenetards annoy me, yet I idolize them in style. / I still remember my first pet goldfish, Steve. / I randomly gain old old OLD pointless memories. Yet they make me smile every time. / I am a daughter of two grand chefs. d; / I am, gasp, Chilean! Not too many of those around. I'd love you forever if you find me more than one.~ / I say 'I'd love you forever...' too often. / I absolutely love flowers, yet I've received a single bouquet in my life, given to me by a friend to make my boyfriend jealous. Ily Brooke~ / I love too many people haha. Sorry MelissaBrookeRafae / I never ever say 'LOL' unless I say a phrase such as 'That literally, made me LOL.' / I hate people, but I love certain Persons. / I am absolutely anti-social, more irl than online, but I still prefer being talked to first. Because, I feel annoying otherwise. :3


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Report | 02/02/2010 6:24 am


Mhmm. ; o; It makes me really upset thinking about it. T^T

Report | 02/01/2010 2:27 pm


Yes... ; ^; Sadly enough. </3

Report | 01/26/2010 6:42 am


I know. D: I get sad when i think about how I got my Kiki Kitty hacked and my Staff of the Angels. T _____T

Report | 01/25/2010 6:25 am


.___. THAT'S RIGHT. Oh my gosh! I just remembered that! Aww. D: It makes me sad thinking about it. T _T

Report | 01/24/2010 2:52 pm


Yeah around there. xD <3 We're such oldbies on here. ;P

Report | 01/24/2010 11:58 am


< w> <3 I won't~ I'd feel like a part of me died if I ever did. xD

And yeah, I only go on for friends, too. xP;

Report | 01/22/2010 6:21 am


XD I haven't been on Gaia in the longest. I only go on to talk to my friends in comments and check up on my RP Guild.

... which.. has been dead. xD; No one posts in there, so I have nothing to do here anymore. ; o;
And it makes me sad, since we always had something to do on here. DX

And well.. I feel bored on Gaia lately. D: No one really to talk to~ All there are around here are Twilight fans and noobs. x _x; (From what I've last seen, at least. O: )

Report | 01/21/2010 4:34 pm


O //O "Pretty" you say? x//D

It really has been a while since we've communicated through here. xD;
I love what you've done to your profile! :3 <3

Report | 01/18/2010 3:01 pm


Nah. It's cos your hair is wavy and mine is curly. They just assume that I leave it curly when I always straighten it. -___-
They say it's troublesome to have a lot of layers with curly hair.
But no worries. I'll bring a whip next time.

Report | 01/18/2010 2:53 pm


You scrub. Those assholes will never listen scream


TODAY, I will be HAPPIER than a BIRD with a FRENCH FRY.

If you gimme a profile comment.