Why hullo thar!
You've stumbled on my mutha effin' page of whimsicalness
That's right! YOU HEARD ME.
I said Mutha effin' page of whimsicalness betch. D<

Well, now that we've gotten THAT out of the way, I've brought my secksi self to update this. ;DD
My name is Tyler to the mutha effin' Quann. Got it memorized?
Or, T.Q for short, and I'm NEARLY 15 years of age.
That's right, 15.
I used to be .[.Pretty.Punkish.].
Add me up if I knew you before. :]
I'm also STRAIGHT, if you may have gotten any confusion.
Sorry dudes. :/

I'm a Canaidian, and I live on the rock, and if you don't know where that is, then tough luck.
I'm native, so I guess that makes me a dirty greasy Indian doesn't it?
I don't have to pay tax, so the Harper government can't take my stinking money.
Politics are the most BORING and LAMEST thing in the world.
I DON'T support Barack Obama, get over it.
I have no time for lies, rumors, and stereotypes, although if I meet someone of a different origin, I ask them politely, and in a NON insulting way.
Hypocritical? Not in my opinion.

I am EXTREMELY blunt and up front about things. Oh boo hoo.
So ask me an answer, and I'll give you my honest to god opinion.
That's why my sister drags me around the mall with her cause she knows I tell her honestly if something looks alright or not.

Speaking about siblings, I have one.
Shes also older than me.
And I love her to pieces.

Auto-biography time? I think so....

I ENJOY life, I don't let things bother me, and I'm probably one of the most happiest people in the world.
Although, I look like some emo/scene kid, ironic yes?
I don't waste my time crying over my mistakes, I take it like a man, and suck it up.
I am smart you could say, for my average is 97.3%.
Oh, I'm also literate. Or, I can be at times.
I liek talkin' lyke dis sumtimez to my friends, only when the moment arises.
I like to substitute 'Yer' for 'your', and 'Summit' for 'something'. Just to give you a heads up.
I love music. I don't care about the whiny tiny details of the genre or composer and all that bull.
I like what I like, and I dislike what I dislike.
I'm VERY simple, and I usually get distracted VERY easily.
But, I have a long attention span.
I love reading. Seriously.
And I consider myself a fast reader, for I finished reading the last H.P book in two days, and thats during my free time. and I was in town during the time, so I was quite occupied.
My friends are my life. <3
If I had to give my heart to one of them I probably would.
Or another other organ for that matter.
I'm NOT the smallest person ever, but I'm not the biggest.either.
And for the LOVE part of this, Heck i'm single.
also, not looking. I love my single life, commitment blows.
Ironically, when I get older, I want four kids and a wife.

That's about it.

Oh likes and dislikes.
It takes quite a bit to piss me off, but if you do, you'll be irritable for the rest of my life, and I probably won't waste my time on you. :/


I like music.
Log cake. Haw haw Chrissy. xD
AE and Pseudo.
Mexican food.
Friends. <33333333
And life itself.

I probably forgot somethings, but who cares.

And now for the dislikes.

I dislike our Sub teacher, Miss Margret. :/
I also dislike immature, ignorant, childish, arrogant, stick up people.
For example Dakota Stride. I hate this whale. : D
Bananas, they are the most REPULSING things ever.
I also don't like many sea food products. They stink.
I don't like Cantaloupe and Honey dew melon.
I'm actually a non violent person.
And I'm one of the nicest, kindest, most friendly person you'll ever meet. :]

Well, that's it for now I guess.
Ciao bitches. <3



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Lunar Knight Fox

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Lunar Knight Fox

So rainbowriffic in here

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Thankyou for buyng. User Image.. Love the avatar !

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Mini-Youngin' ! xDD



Ohai thur.
I'm the mule of S p e d t a s t i c a l
And I was formerly:
.[.Pretty.Punkish.]. ,
.[.Pretty.Punk]. ,

2oo4 User bby.