information u might need.

S p a d o o z l e here.

Interested in my name? dont waste you're time here , go google it.

Even tough this is a online game , I dont wanna waste my precious time answering your Pm/Pc/Ect about gold problems.
Sorry if this comes out rude and quit strong , but dont we all have this problem?

Interested in me? well do read on.

29 years old. Bi . Have been on Gaia since 0'5 or something
classic game- nerd , aswell as classic horror fanatic.
Simple things fascinate me: clouds , lightning, rain.
Geek out: large metal objects. robots , monsters.

I can come across as cold and not giving a lack a**, get to know me and that might change.

Im a Sarcastic nut , Be W a r n e d.