This is My Page. You shall Find things about me...and if you aren't here to do that...then, well...then you are retarded. But oh well. Then you shall be entertained for a few moments then. ^^

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1. Me With Grapes. ^^
2. Me Playing The Piano
3. Me Reading
4. Giving Puppy Dog Eyes
5. Wish This Wasn't Blurry!
6. The Penguin I Made: Chilly
7. Picture of a Tree I Took
9. NEWEST!!!Chili Pepper Hearts

1. Name:Monica Aka: Meko, Mon-Mon, Moni, Moni-Bear, Moni-Chan, Slurpee-Chan, Luvur Boy (dont ask...), Skittles (duh)
2. Age: 20 Years
3. Birthdate: December 22nd, 1985
4. Favorite Color: Green! and the rainbow
5. Favorite Food: Chinese, Korean, Mexican, and Irish
6. Favorite Place in the World: The Red Wood Forests, and in my lover's arms (if I had one, atleast)
7. Favorite Sound: Crunching Leaves, sweet nothings, and the ocean
8. Favorite Smell: Moonlite-Path, Jasmine , and Pine-Trees
9. Favorite Animal: Puppies!! I lobsed' those puppies! Horses, chinchillas, mice, Oscars (type of fish) Squids (I am fascinated by them) Angelfish, and cuddly bears. ^^
10. Favorite Comedian: Maria Banford, Dane Cook, Arj Barker, Ron White, Kangaroojoos, Larry the cable Guy, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Carlos Mencia
11. Favorite Music: Pistol Grip!, Killswitch Engaged, Voodoo Glow skulls, Toy Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Tanya, Sugar Ray, The Steve Miller Band, Silverchair!, System of a Down, Semisonic, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Police, Pet Shop Boys, The Offspring, Nickelback, Monster squad, The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones, Maroon 5, Micheal Jackson (just his music, not him) Lenny Kravitz, Malice Mizer, James Blunt (such a hottie) Hayley Westenra, Harvey Danger, Anything Video Game Related, Enya, Ever Clear, Depeche Mode, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Dave Mathews Band, The Cure, The Crow Sound Track, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Cheap Sex, The Casualties, Buch, Brain Failure!!!, Bare Naked Ladies, The Aquabats, Aqua (ha!), Angelcity outcasts, Alanis Morissette, Alana Davis. (whoa..)
12. Favorite Book: Anything Stephen King (I have read them all), Christopher Golden's: Shadow Saga, The Damnation Game: Clive Barker, The Bartimaus Trilogy: ?
13. Favorite Candy: Skittles (DUH) And Dots (love em')
14. Favorite Movie: The Lady in the Water!!! (best ******** film he has done so far, I think) Detroit Rock City, Goonies, Pirates, Muppet Treasure Island, anything Disney (i am sucker for cute films, plus I have a little sister who is 6), Blade 1 and 2, Aliens (all but 3 and 4) Resident Evil, Silent Hill, X-men, Million Dollar Baby, The Producers, The Birdcage, Mrs. Doubtfire, 24-Hour Photo, Broken Arrow, Face-off, Mirror-Mask, The Phantom of the Opera (the opera was better than the movie...by far), ADVENT CHILDREN!!!,
15. Favorite T.V Show: House, CSI, Family Guy, The Oblongs, American Dad, Futurama, Tom Goes to the Mayor, The Simpsons, Save Me, The Nanny, The Golden Girls, Mind of Mencia, Comedy Central Presents, Whose Line is it?, Animal Cops
16. Favorite Song: Burn Down the Country, Element of One, Starry Starry Night, No Rain, Chasing Cars, Pinch Me, Father of Mine (that song hits home base...), Running From the Gun, That's All I Ask of You, She Can't Be Really Gone, All jacked Up, ******** Your Government, You're Beautiful.
17. Favorite Drink: Watermelon Smirnoff (I know I am not spelling it correctly), Roy Rodgers, Moutain Dew, Pina Coladas, Pineapple Juice/soda, Tea
18. Anything Else: I like to run around in the rain, wear a sweater in the sun, and give everyone a reason to ask why? I like turning heads in a crowd, and I sing out loud so everyone can hear whether they want too or not. I paint my sorrows away, and I laugh a thousand dreams outloud so everyone can smile once in a while without having to pay for them afterwards.
My biggest fear is lonliness, and my greatest pleasure is being held tightly in the arms of the one I love (when that happens..not right now though, ^^). If a rainbow could be walked upon, it would be my high way, and I have decided that life is always better in color.


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..::The Third Side Of The Coin::..

"You Said so yourself, there are only two sides to your coin" "Yes, but let's suppose, that one day, it lands on it's edge." -Kain and Raziel: Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2



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You are a shadow now. *Blinkblink*

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-Stares at your Avi-
d hair257

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d hair257


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vires alert!!!!!

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x] awww thank you skittles! heart
ehhehe you are loveable yourself heart n_n

I hope all is going well for you!
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leader of lost souls

i was found loveless

~intresting avatar~

i was found dead

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I'm not good at dancing... soo...
*throws confetti all over your profile* x3;;
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Kiodie Raventree

Ummmm, alot? sweatdrop
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Kankuro of the sand ninja


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