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*punches noobish profile*


I'm here a lot for the summer

I rp and stuff mostly

Send me a message!

And follow my tumblr: brandeezyyy.tumblr.com/


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The Swanky Tit Report | 12/20/2014 11:28 pm
The Swanky Tit
i feel like i stalk you a lot. lmao.
I've come back, kinda. lol
babyvamp123 Report | 12/13/2014 12:36 pm

I was having a nostalgia day and I found you!! "

PAPA! heart
Nostaligia can be bad sometimes! I get it all the time!
Also replying to this like a year later, oh well!
The Swanky Tit Report | 09/21/2014 12:04 am
The Swanky Tit
Passing through.
Hope you're well!
heart heart
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/14/2013 9:18 pm
The Swanky Tit
Lol it's a lot but it'll be worth it! It's the most I've spent on art. x3
I usually stalk to freebie thread, but I was looking for something pretty specific and I found it for 2OOk, so. sweatdrop
I know! I finally fixated on another dream avi. My last one would not layer correctly on tek tek which did not make me a happy camper. gonk
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/14/2013 5:24 pm
The Swanky Tit
I'm thinking more like 2mil.
Or a house on the beach. C:
Hahahaha I can't make up my mind! I'm almost done completing this avi, I just need another Noel's gift and some other small items.
If I wasn't an art addict and didnt spend 21Ok on art, I could have boughten it by now. x3
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/09/2013 2:03 pm
The Swanky Tit
My life is not worth 1 mill.
It's good for at least an unlimited supply of candy. heart
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/08/2013 10:49 pm
The Swanky Tit
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/08/2013 9:37 pm
The Swanky Tit
Well, you gotta understand where I'm coming from...
lol heart
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/08/2013 3:09 pm
The Swanky Tit
Well that was it: I was 100% sure I wasn't coming back. xD
I went back to Hollywood just to check it out. And they closed down the store?
WTF! emotion_donotwant
Lol it's like we're the last people on Earth amoung our friends. D;
Is it like the Hunger Games? Do I win a million bucks after I kill you off or what? cool
The Swanky Tit Report | 08/08/2013 1:21 pm
The Swanky Tit
Lol well I sold // gave away everything before I "quit', so when I decided to come back on I was pretty much noob status. blaugh
I don't know how I got everything back so quickly. I must be an excellent vendor. rofl
Everything's changed so much! I miss 'O8-'1O. I had so much fun. )x


MARRRIII, thank you! [/color:f02f08e4ed][/b:f02f08e4ed][/align:f02f08e4ed]


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