The Short Chick With The Mouth.//<3

Why hallo thar.
My name is Kyla.
I'm 15 years of age.
Pics in journal for appearance.
I'm in highschool.
I live in Jeff's basement <3
My MSN is kyla_mz.biotch89@hotmail.com.
Feel free to add me.
Nicknames to me are Shorrty, Sourpuss, Teh Muffin Queen, Col. Cookie, and Vertically Challenged Big Bird <3.
I make signs.
Ask me about it.
I luff color, but mostly Pink, Black, Lime Green, &&Sky Blue <3.
Music is my life <3.
Gaia/MSN is pretty much my past-time, when I’m not talking to My Jeffie <3, or sleeping.
Shiny/Pointy/Sparkly things are the s**t. <3
I love horseback riding. <3
Be jealous.
Stalking people is fun. Especially when they’re attractive ;D
Drama is my life.
Starbucks is the s**t. <3
Gross sounds make me make gross noises.
I'm un-rapeable :]
I like food.
Preferably pizza.
I’m a picky eater.
I can’t live without my friends </3
I like to try to dance and sing xD.. Even if I may be horrible at it
Photo Whoring is a hobby/occupation.
As is partying ;D
I like to be carried.
I'm funsized <3333333
I love the dark <3
I'm childish.
I hate trolls, spiders, bugs in general, bad hair days, pretty much my hair in general xP, being cold.. depending on who’s there ;] rofl.
People who think they’re better than everyone else, people who act stupid for attention, pozers, hypocrites [even if I was/am one sometimes ^^;], and stereotypes piss me off D<.
I have glasses, but wear my contacts.
It's very rare to see me wear my glasses outside of the house x3
I’m moody.
I’m misunderstood a lot of the time.
When I'm hyper, it's scary.
I’m as crazy as fxck, and will do pretty much anything O-o;
Not even lien’, yo.
I’m gangster ;]
I can’t finish reading books on time.
I’m pretty much incapable.
I'm really lazy.
Bigger people that wear tight clothing is gross.
I can cook.
I use big words at inappropriate times xD; and when I don't need to.
I’m very open-minded.
I’ll say anything to you, regardless of the consequences.
I have a big mouth.
If you piss me off, or hurt my friends, or anyone or anything I love and hold dear to me, I suggest you run.
I have alot of inside jokes.
I like to stay up late, until the crack of dawn.
I’m small, but can have alot of power.
Don’t judge me by what I say and do.
I'm really loud.
I have purple in my hair.
I make signs and write on myself when I’m bored.
I never sleep.
I like kinky things <3
I’m easily irritated by anything.
I'm easily amused by anything. Even stupid stuff no one else will laugh at.
I love to laugh. <3
I become easily depressed over things sometimes for a long time.
I could wear just about anything.
I make alot of sexual jokes/references. <3
I'm pretty much a loser, un-popular and proud. <3
I'm a party to be with.
Seriously, though. Grammar is key. o-o

And this is me. Make what you will out of it.
Love me, Or leave me, Or rip me apart.

My Bestest Biish's In Teh World, Yo. ;O//<3

[ Robot Death Monkey ]: -Glomp- `Homg, It's my own gay loverr ;D. Best tiimes had, they've been with you. Too many to tell &&many more to come. Prom of '10 shall kick a**<3! Can't wait for that road trip xD. You're my escort &&shall carry me into every convenience store we go into xD. Oh, and commit crimes in the Waffle House! >D. Fwee Blubber Nuggets. Fwee fow all Kyla's =] haha I luff my Jeffls to bittles<3. BBFL Yo'. Best believe it <3 Luff yeww xox <333

Brandon_thelastamerican: I'm comin' to your house! ;O.. &&We're havin' a slumber party biish ;D <3 Then maybe later, marriage xD <3 Just because, we're inseparable and luff each other too much xD <3333.. And you're my Nanny as of 4/23/07! xD.. Wow.. Bad things. OBBY ;] Haha!<3. Can't wait until you come up here to Canada! D: <3

xXCodyChaosXx: One day.. I will find you.. &&we will have snuffle fights and play tackle football xD.. Just dun secks me up the first try, kay? ;3

Felix Hiyakoru: OMG IT'S YOUR BESTEREST CHICK FRIEND! O: -Huggle- I'mma comin' to visit yeww.. Soon xDD <3

Kroniza: You know, I love you to death <3. I'mma miss chu when you leave for University D:. But you need to come visit me as often as possible :] I've enjoyed our time together immensely <3. But I still make you go to work. And that's fun. I lub yew Clarkie <3!


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Vagrant A.I.

Report | 08/22/2007 4:13 pm

Vagrant A.I.


i could probably come up with my mom and see you for like a day or two, but that's if we're lucky. ><
Vagrant A.I.

Report | 08/21/2007 2:49 pm

Vagrant A.I.

lalwz at j00.

you better come see me.


i'm to lazy to use gaias html... ^^;;

so i'll stick to my emotes and caps...

bbuuuttt point is.. i miss you already. and if i try rly hard i might be able to visit for thanks givin'.

if not... you should come to K-town.


kay =D


oh, and i'm in quebec right now =/
Stfu or Gtfo

Report | 08/21/2007 8:31 am

Stfu or Gtfo

*Brings blow torch* ... oh this is going to e a jolly good fun D; ... after we beat those things up well sell them :'D
Stfu or Gtfo

Report | 08/20/2007 8:25 am

Stfu or Gtfo

Form a cult O: ... for fax machines D; ... yes lets ... *calls repair man to joins* ... mind if i bring fire? ...
Vagrant A.I.

Report | 08/18/2007 2:41 pm

Vagrant A.I.

Hah, i know you.

you ttly made my summer, doll.

i'm glad i got forced to go to NB.

and you have to come visit me,

or i'll go back to visit you and everyone else.

<3 ;D
Stfu or Gtfo

Report | 08/17/2007 12:57 pm

Stfu or Gtfo

*Pets* I know fax machines are evil D; ... but we must fight back ... pull the plug you know what i mean?

Report | 08/13/2007 10:28 am


thanks for bidding on my magical giftbox!!!

Report | 08/01/2007 7:35 pm


Hahaha So beautiful how have you been? ;D

Report | 07/30/2007 8:21 pm


For you... Hell yeah *growl*

hahaha ;D

Report | 07/29/2007 3:23 pm


Heh For you, Any time User Image


User Image

I'd be such a sniper with my p***s.

Gimme: PM's.
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