The Real ME

Hello there, the name's Sydney (Shishi for some)
I am just your unusual, unnatural, imaginative woman who loves cats.

Lifestyle: 'Anime Nerd' 'Gamer Girl' 'Harajuku' 'Neko' ' Role Player'

Hobbies: Animating, Drawing, Dancing, Singing, Role playing, Video Gaming and zOMG!

Likes: Anime, Art, Cats, Games, Gore, Fashion, Friends, Music, MMORPGs, Roleplay, Sweets, Tigers (Black, White, and Original) Writing and zOMG!

Dislikes: Anger, Being Alone, Criticism, 'Fakes', Insects, Rap and Normality

Musical Tastes: Alternative, Dance, Dub/Drum/Jump/Melodicstep (Etc.), Instrumental, Orchestra, R&B, Rock, Trance and Pop/J-pop/K-pop