Yo, yo, yoooooo~
Scissorcide here, coming to you not-so-live from Washington state, USA.
I've been debating long and hard, and have decided to actually give this account a description. Lawlerhoosome!
I have about a bajillion different accounts, but my first ever one was Cannibal Salad, formerly known as Serap-89.
That was in, like, 2004? I think? Something like that.
But my current main account would be Cyan Azzura Ri, in case you wanna see what I'm doing when I'm not on this account. She also has a list of most of my mules, in case you wanna take a peek at themz.

I am a twenty-year old female, who still lives with her parents because she loves family and doesn't want to move away because she doesn't deal well with being lonely. When I get lonely I get bored, then I get depressed, so I just save myself from that by living with my parents. I would move in with someone, but the only options I will allow myself are either too young still or gonna move in with someone else
I will continue writing this later, stay tuned~


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This is just for me to write down what I feel like writing down at the moment. ^^




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