I can write as much as I want to, but in the end, it'll all just be an unfinished story to read over and over without knowing anything at all. It doesn't matter what I write because you really won't know who I am at all. My story changes daily.

I'm Sarruh Muhrie.
I came into the world the seventeenth of December in 1992; making me seventeen years old.
I'm a senior at MVTHS.
I'm a lesbian, as if that wasn't obvious enough.
I'm less than ecstatic with my life, who cares?
I hate drama, but I seem to have a magnetic field around me that attracts it.
I can't last in a relationship to save me life.

I write. A lot.
I often have thoughts pop into my head, and my first instinct is to type; type until everything is out of my mind -- for the moment.

I listen to music. Duh. Everyone does.
I suppose I should say that I'm a complete music nerd. I know a lot of music and I'm learning about new music daily.

I'm rather dorkish, I spaz a lot, and when I yawn, get poked, get scared, fall, trip, and stretch, I have a tendency to squeak.

I babble.
I hate America.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm rather bipolar.
I have my own issues and lately, I'm not turning to anyone to express my feelings and thoughts to because they don't care and other people that don't need to know suddenly get involved.

I am me. That's it.

Even so, I am undefined.

You will never know me.

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That's me.