Get to know me ;]



You make me strong
Hi I'm Laura
Filipino but dunt speak da language
I blow candles and open present on July 22nd
Taken and happily in love with Ewic ^_^
Family and friends are worth everything
Lets Talk
I don't bite :]
Every since I met this kid,I couldn't be happier. I've been through a lot >w< and He brings the best out of me and makes me smile and laugh and Our secrets, our inside jokes, Our obnoxious singing, the way his laugh is contagious that I can't help but laugh along. His nuzzles, his kisses (Forhead to eskimo XD) This guy means a lot to me and he's my whole world ^_^. Set in stone I want to marry this kid. I never met anyone who has so much love and compassion and Loves me the same way I love them.
I can't to spend more memories with Eric and have amazing memories in the future :3
1.27.14 c:
I loveee youu heart