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yolo sweg.

Beckie's hack AKA I Eat Pho 8D .
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This is Beckie writing meh bestfriend/wifey for lifey forever a new hack . Vanessa , well she is a very funny,sweet,nice,weird,strange,&ect girl i ever met:] She is very cool & fun when you get to know her . She will always be my bestfriend/wifey so fxck off D:< lmao . Anyways , Me & Vanessa have alot of things in common , yes alot . Nao , that i quited gaia online before becus i was banned , me and & vanessa didn't have contact @all]; But on 11-26-11 , we finally contact eachother on aim ! I missed her so much , she was liek the best friend you can ever want and have . I only trust Vanessa , because , she meh bestfriend and i knew her longer liek a year ? yes . I remember that first day when we first met @hollywood . Good times;] haha . But yeah .. I'm a year younger than Vanessa -.- ikno im young so stfu xD But on Vanessa , you should liek add her and get to know her . she a really fun person to talk with and hang out with @rally,hollywood, & ect . <3 Hurt Vanessa ima whoop yo a s s and eat yo a s s -.- D< lmao . ~Ciao c: i love you vanessa xx