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Hello, my name is Ryu Kage Ookami

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/30

I am wearing.... WAIT! Why do you want to know?!

Things I Wish I Had Enough Munny For (T_T)


The hardest battle to face is to be noone but yourself in a world that is forever trying to change you... -E.E. Cummings

Things About Me

Name: Danny
Age: Classified, but I am not over 17 or under 13
Hair:It's dirty blonde, but I wish it was silver ^_^

Things you should know: I am obsessed with Organizatin XIII -points to background- and am very weird. I am a tomboy, and for the record, ZzmehzZ and Apocalycious, I do not like Bella from Twilight...! I love animals, especially dogs, cats and wolves. I almost always draw, unless I'm sleeping or doing extra-hard homework.
I am very lazy and random.

I am looking for friends who will like me for me, due to past experiences, I don't talk to people first, they have to say something before I do. I am shy in person. I act like a total noob/dork around people I thin of as friends, though. me.

I'm Asain! Laos, to be precise!!! *awesome Asain roundhouse kick*