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Ryu ou Donte

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Location: In my own mind fighting a war

Birthday: 02/21

Occupation: Just trying to make it in the world


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My name is Donte most people know me as Melmel or Mucnhlax. You may say I'm a geek but I do play Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and other childish things. I don't care what you think about me just if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all and hop out of my face. I listen to most music that sounds good you my listen to it on my profile.. Now on the subject of me personalty I'm a nice guy to get along with and love to talk I mostly like to help people out of problems a lot.. I'm from Brooklyn New York where anything could happen to you unless you know the ropes. I don't care what you say about me but when it comes to my friends and family I will protect them with all I have.


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LuLu styx Report | 02/24/2015 7:25 am
LuLu styx
happy birthday brother i know i am a day late andbi am sorry about that i love you! smile
Bun Dosojin Report | 02/23/2014 7:29 am
Bun Dosojin
I know its late and all and u already told your happy birthday butt happy birthday and this my new account ^.^ I lovez you a lot
biggrin ♡♡♡
Tempest the Zorua Report | 02/21/2013 11:40 am
Tempest the Zorua
Happy birthday!
Pyrus_Marie_Zuniga Report | 02/21/2013 11:32 am
Happy birthday son
LilithBloodHeart Report | 11/01/2012 10:45 am
Hey long time no see!!!! ^.^
Lady Dreyar Report | 09/03/2012 7:10 pm
Lady Dreyar
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Our Business is Life Itself!

International Biological Solutions. . .

Monsieur, I am doing my best to properly use English to my extent. How are you? Sorry I had to fix my profile dear sir.
Lady Dreyar Report | 09/03/2012 7:01 pm
Lady Dreyar
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Our Business is Life Itself!

International Biological Solutions. . .

~ Why, hello there monsieur
LuLu styx Report | 08/10/2012 11:54 pm
LuLu styx
hey brother y aint i on ur profile???
LilithBloodHeart Report | 04/10/2012 9:14 am
I love your profile!!! XD
Lacey Bani Report | 12/02/2011 8:22 pm
Lacey Bani
lol nerd :p


What's my name

Beat It


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Both born in separate worlds, Separate minds but always together at heart.
~ Ryu ou Donte

Tempest the Zorua
LuLu styx

My Best friend

Me and him hardly talk but I know he's got my back

My baby Sis I will kill you if you mess with her