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I'm very shy, I'm also not confidant. I really love allot of things though. Animals, music, reading/writing, and talking to other people smile I'm not really a bad person either. But, I am VERY violent (sigh) stare . And I'm 13, by the way biggrin I believe (ALLOT) in ghosts, and vampires, and NO, I'm not lying. Yeah, I'm a weirdo sweatdrop Also, I guess you could say I'm an artistic and creative kind of person. I like to draw (mostly anime/comic book/anime) characters of my own creation. I like writing books, though I've never finished one before though. I also write allot of poems and songs. I love animals, and my birthdays in November. Three more months till I turn 14... CAN'T WAIT!!! I also read more manga than I can count, and the same goes for anime. I haven't read too much manwha, but I like the ones I've read. I am currently working on a book, I just hope it turns out okay when I'm done.
And, I also have a REALLY annoying older brother scream But I love him anyway xd


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Deadlylight6 Report | 10/04/2011 7:28 pm
of course i dont mind helping. tho this is UR story, im not going to take advantage of it. so if you need help with a suggestion on what a character(s) should do or anything at all, im here. the rest would be up to you. *bows* im at your service ninja
Deadlylight6 Report | 10/04/2011 1:48 pm
well what did you originally had in mind? or if you werent thinking on anything specific, perhaps i could help you think of one? (<-- u may decline)


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If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile. DON'T JUST IGNORE THIS because in The Bible it says if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven. This is the simplest test: If you love God and you are not ashamed of it, copy this and put it in your profile. God will smile at you. =)

My worst enemy.Your darkest nightmare.The shadow beside you.Watch out behind you, they'll be there to.Up above, in the very sky.Down below your feet, deep under the soil.Far below the ocean.They'll be nice, then mean.They'll be black, then green.They'll be heard, but never seen.Can't be hurt, and can't be touched.Can't be helped, and can't be healed.Want to be heard, but you never try.Alone, but cannot die.Broken, and can't be fixed.Afraid, And hurt, You walk past them.You wont care or notice, For their just there.A poem by: rythmqueen6 Please "rate" on the gaia art forums.

If you want to make me cry, tell me I'm hated.If you want to make me smile, tell me I'm loved.If you want to make me angry, take away my music.Rythmqueen6

Cold, And dead.Heartless, And full.Afraid, And alone.A fearful child is the killer.No one knows what is inside.Lied, And pained.Deep, And drained.As he cry out in pain, We all just laugh and sing.Dancing at the life just took, For he was not, But just a crook.Taking his last breath, Hated and fated to die, He cried but his last tear.Exposed for what he truly did, But not did he take any life.Innocence is what he plead, For when he laid there cold and dead, For who was it that truly cared?

Another poem by me. It's called "Criminal". It's the one below this text.

Check me out on YouTube! rythmqueen6, same as here. Need a link? "Copy"

I did AS A MATTER-OF-FACT, create the videos in my playlist. Please tell me if it's any good or not! Or else I can't improve! Thank you.

* Song (Poem) * by rythmqueen6 | * Poetry And Lyrics * | Submitted on 02/16/2011 | * SkipI tried to write a song, I wrote myself inside.I poured out my heart and soul to make it sound like me.It ended with more words than I had thought it would.I looked over it, And it just made me cry.As my tears fell on the paper, I thought it was not right.I erased it all, And started it again.As I tried to hold the pain inside, It came out in my words.The truth behind the awful words is that I was just sad.All alone I lay in bed, Feeling light and dizzy.I close my eyes, And turn my head, And then I feel much better.Remembering the words that were once said to me.I wrote a song, And sang it aloud, And for this I can be certain.The song was good, And full of happiness and joy.I put it up, And lock it away.Until the day it will be sung to others both near, And far. * Add Favorite | Share | Delete *User's Avatar * View Gallery * Become a Fan * * Profile * Join Them * Journal * Add as Friend * * Send PM * Send Text * Send IM * * Trade * Buy a Gift * View Equipped List * * Ignore * Report Abuse * Title: Song (Poem) * Artist: rythmqueen6 * Description: That is all the time I have, I hope that you had fun. Enjoying all that you have just read. I was just remembering back to a time not to long ago, and I kind of felt like this. It's about my life, so sorry if it's boring. * Date: 02/16/2011 * Tags: song poem happiness sadness rythmqueen6 * Report Post

Song (Poem) can be found on the gaia art forums.

Just so you know, I'm kinda bad at talking to people (sigh).

If you'd like to join my clan, just ask and you'll receive a join request.

A Thousand Years Legend by rythmqueen6 | Fiction | Submitted on 06/25/2011 | Skip Rate: 1 2 3 4 5 Prologue: Burning flakes of ash falling onto the old stone statue that sat in the middle of the town. The sky was red, as if it were angry with all that has been going on. You could hear screams from all directions. Prayers, begging for mercy and other cries could be heard for miles. Yet all were just going to turn out meaningless. For everyone knows that their lives will not last forever. But does that not mean that people will just try harder to avoid that inevitable fate? But still, if to save the lives of of thousands, than isn't it alright to end with just the death of one? Apparently, even if we just say "It's alright to take the life of someone, if it saves the life of thousands," In the end, they all still die. Every life ends in tragedy, heartbreak, sadness, pain, suffering, and anger. Even if we save them for a time, they will never be able to live forever. And yet, when we take life, many will say it's fine, or for the greater good. But for whose good is it better to take life? Isn't it for no one? Or is it just for ourselves? A thousand years pass, and only I know what truly happened that day, over one thousand years ago....

I looked to the sky, And I cried harder than I ever had before.Dark thoughts tore through my mind like knives cutting through flesh.I felt helpless and dead, As I lay on my bed.I felt cold, And frightened, As my head lightened.I closed my eyes, And I felt something beside me.A little girl, Lied at my side.I rested my head in agony, And I felt tension build up inside.I felt anger, And heart wrenching pain, Stabbing me from the inside out.I cried out, Hoping someone would hear me and help.No one came, People heard, But no one even cared enough to look and see what was going on.I was alone, Always on my own.I felt abandoned, And I felt lost.I felt forgotten, And felt double crossed.I lied in my bed, And covered my head.I rested my eyes and cried.I felt a loss of blood, But I couldn't have cared less at the time.I felt like I was being punished for a crime.I screamed at the top of my lungs, But still I felt as though I was being hung.Nobody stood at my side, And still I cried.I wished the tears would stop, But they fell like rain drops.Before long, I realized I was never strong.I cried, And cried, All night long.I uncover my head, Only to look at the starry night sky.And still, I bow my head to cry.I promised myself I would not die.So I'll try to be strong, And I'll try to hang on, If only for a little while longer.I'll walk this darkness, Alone and unarmed, Just as It's always been... Just me.

Another poem by rythmqueen6, this one's a little darker than the previous one's.