Oy. You may know me as the creator and owner of MewProject.NET.

I roleplay as Ryou Shirogane from Tokyo Mew Mew in Kokoro Mew. I enjoy talking about the series itself, and also roleplaying, so if you need someone to roleplay him in anything, feel free to ask about it. I can't guarantee that I will be interested, however, because I'm not a huge fan of fan mews, especially when the character(s) I play end up with five siblings and three love interests. It just gets rather bleh rather fast, if you understand what I mean, especially from my perspective [as Ryou]. I'd rather play with the official characters. ^^;

I support RyouxIchigo and that is it. Sorry.

Besides Mew Mew, I'm also interested in the Tales of... games (namely Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss, foreign films and music, art/animation, Disney, voiceacting/fandubbing, wildlife conservation, Christianity, etc.

Feel free to friend me, just please tell me (PM) why I should add you first, because I really can't just add every random person that wants to be my/Ryou's friend. If I have roleplayed/chatted with you before, and such, I will probably add you. ^^

My other character accounts are Akasaka-san (that'd be Keiichiro Akasaka), and a number of characters from Tales of Symphonia: Swordsman Kratos (Kratos Aurion) , Heroic Lloyd (Lloyd Irving), and Yuan of the Renegades (Yuan).


Mew Project Notes

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Ryou's notes and observations.


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Report | 05/17/2008 10:45 am


ello User Image?

we need to catch up... User Image
Mirch The Flameborn

Report | 03/25/2008 2:22 pm

Mirch The Flameborn

well i wanted to ask can i have a job as the cafe singer

im good ill let you see

*calls the mew mews on the stage*

ok everyone take a parter here is the

love song
Mirch The Flameborn

Report | 03/25/2008 11:53 am

Mirch The Flameborn

are ya open, i want to ask something.
Mirch The Flameborn

Report | 03/25/2008 11:44 am

Mirch The Flameborn

*climbs thruw window of the mew mew cafe*

Report | 03/23/2008 2:16 pm


Lettuce turns bright red with embarrassment.


Lettuce blushes even redder then before.

"Oh my...I guess I'm a day ahead of myself again. Right, Easter...I should have remembered that.

Well, I guess I should go do some shopping then since I have the day off. Heh..."

Lettuce goes back and changes into her street-clothing.

Report | 03/23/2008 12:11 pm


"G-good afternoon Shirogane-san. I hope I am not too late for work."

Lettuce puts her stuff in her locker and quickly changes into her uniform.

Report | 03/22/2008 12:07 pm


Pepper walks out of the dressing room, her right eye twitching.

"Why do I have to work here? I mean, it's not like I meant to brake that tea-cup."

Pepper stares at Ryou with an Icy Glare.

"And what is with these uniforms? Frilly, girly, and they SO do not match my complexion."

Pepper pulls out a small mirror and powder puff and starts patting at her face with it.
Myu Tiramisu

Report | 03/17/2008 6:21 pm

Myu Tiramisu

Alright Ryou, have fun at work in your dark... lab... I hope you don't need glasses from working down there for too long! Hahaha!

Report | 03/17/2008 12:24 pm


dude where r all the mew mews and where is keichiro or however the hell u spell his name lol

oh yeah u dont kno meh xD

Report | 03/16/2008 11:34 am


Hey I like your avvie!


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