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Welcome, welcome!

Hello wayward click-er!
Welcome to my page. I have NO idea why you'd visit this crummy thing, but whatever.
I am Ryokina, Hanz to most of you. I suppose I'm your bumbling narrator to this screwed up backwards "fairytale" that is my life.

First of all, addressing issues. Every time I leave the word fairytale on my page you people think I'm gay. I'm not. But there isn't anything wrong with those people who actually do find love in their own locker room, so stop picking on them too.
There, that counts as activism.

Hm... Now about me.
I ROCK. Not like "I'm an awesome person!" But like if I walk into your house and hear awesome music don't expect me to be totally calm and just enjoy it. No no no, kick-a** rock triggers my spaz mechanism and I get hyper like a little kid.
Now this is ROCK. You know, borderline metal. None of your "Emo/Hardcore/Scream-O/Whatever BS you people are totally into nowadays" [Didn't mean to sound like a geezer there...]

I make crappy comics! Very funny crappy comics, usually by hand but I don't have a scanner so my Disgaea-Sprite ones are up on my DeviantArt. Search for the keyword Mazes&Morons.

Hm... I am a DM. Accept it. Hm...
lol I RP. Honest. Go look at the forums. I RP well, as a matter of fact. All illeterate middle-school OOC/asterisks RP-ers should receive a thorough smiting.

And... Now I feel like I've talked too long~
Get to know me on your own, geez.

People Who Are Awesome
This is exactly what it sounds like. Here goes~

Who I frequently refer to as Bobo/Mr. Match/The Matchstick/ etc. Me and him are more like brothers than I am with my actual brother, it's pretty much crazy-awesome. We're quite literally telepathic with each other, and that takes one hell of a bond to do. XD I used to live at his house off and on, back when things were totally awesome in the world.
But now they're not.
Sad face.
XD Oh yeah, he gets pissed if you call him Bobo-chan.
It's pretty fun to do.

Xy Fox-
Who the fu- OH! Kuro-kun! lol That's "Big John", [I honestly mean that from your height!]the official fourth member of "Oniwaban -town name withheld- Offshoot: Orion's Belt." As part of the O/OB we did TONS of multimedia stuff together, it was great. He's right up there with Bobo and Mr. Conrad[Who doesn't use Gaia...?] for my "brothers" list. I don't really get to talk to him anymore though...
Second sad face...

Carnivorous Cupcake-
Donated the [For some reason HUGE] WaterMeat in my aquarium! That's like 300k! That makes you beyond awesome, good job!!

XD And that's all the people my short attention span has time for right now. If you'd like an awesomely terrible paragraph about yourself and your avvie added to that list, bribe me. Feel the love.

My Aquarium

Your aquarium is undergoing maintenance!


There's no DESTINY
When EVERYONE'S your enemy,
Take your JEALOUS HEART and cast it into stone.
You'll REGRET it all
Living behind your WALL
And you'll never FALL IN LOVE

Xy Fox
Fleur Tea

OMG it's gonna hit us! AAAH!

John... SHUT UP.

[color=white]Why can't I hit him again, Bobo? Oh, right. Friendship. Damned bonding...[/white]

Why can't I hit him again, Bobo?
Oh, right. Friendship.
Damned male bonding rituals...