Hiyo, Ryo here! I've got some stuff to share...
I'm not all that active on Gaia, and I haven't been for a while.
Now, I'm not saying I never pop on, but I don't do anything.
I do respond to PM's, and it'll often say I'm online
(Because I use Gaia's avatar builder to build refs for my OC's)
I'm always looking to make new friends, I'm just an anxious little mess.
Shoot me a message sometime, I'm in to some musicals, video games and fandoms.

I'm also lookin for help, if anyone'll actually bother to read this...
A few years ago this account was a roleplay account for Hetalia's Fem!Canada,
and after all this time away I wanted to get into contact with some of the other
roleplayers I met along the way, in particular a Prussia roleplayer that went by
Even if just to thank them for inspiring me to get better at roleplaying and
keep doing what I was doing, because I had a blast roleplaying with them while I did.
If you remember a Fem!Canada roleplayer that used to have the username
Don't be afraid to drop a message, that was me!