I live a simple quiet life.
Muh Furce
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Both my parents passed away
I have a step-mum, and half-blood sister.

Travelled the world before landing
15 years in Alaska
Father was in the military

I suck with crowded areas
So I use music to block it all out.

Music and Gaming are my solaces

2019 I almost died twice, Appendix Infection/Burst and infection again.
Out of everything I've complained, I never want to go through that again.

Plays video games: Thought 75% computer and 25% switch never touched PS4 much
PC: Steam
Xbox: Rygart x
Playstation: Rygartxiii
Switch: 0486 - 6187 - 9015

Computer Technician and Gunpla Enthusiast

Small Random Pictures of my world.
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