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Ryah Rawr<3

Comment. | Message Well, Where Whould I Start? Dah Name Be Ryah Rawr And Tha Big Number Is 12, I Make My Wishes On December 18,1996. Im In 7th Goingg To ALMS. I Live In Selma. My Favorite Color Is Neon Green And Black. My Favorite Songs Is I Got A Feeling Im Shy But Once You Get To Know Me Im Pretty Loud. I Make My Mistakes Too Im A Human, Haha Yeah But I Donn Regret Them.I Have Many Friends And I Have Their Back Fer Anything So Stay Out. If You Donn Got A Life Get One Donn Ask Me Ferr One Im Not God. Im A Nice Person But When Im In A Bad Mood Donn Try To Fix Things i'll Just Get Mad More. I Have My Moods At Times And Its Mostly Happy. I've Broken Hearts But my Heart Has Been Also Broken, Im Single</3 :] Well, I Love My Family Even If They're At Grr, Mood Sometimes<3 I Also Love My Friends:] People If Your Hating On Me Solve It Cuz Im Not Dealing With Any Of Your Crap. Well, My Bestie Is Gisselle(G-Dawgg) And She's Single So Get At Her Boys wink , Tessa(Blondie) She's Fun And Nice And Cute And She's My Bestie So Mess With Her You Mess With Me. Lol Well.. Here Are Some Of My Other Besties. Davin (He's SOO Cool I Love Him So Much), Cole(This Guy's My Everything. He's Part Of The Missing Piece In My Puzzle :] ), Alexis(He's Sooo OVER WAY OVER My BESTFRIENDS! He's Like My Bro From Another Hoe, Lol. But Yeahh), Hmm..? Stevie(She's Hecka Tight), And Gabby(This Girl's Like My Sister From Another Mister smile
Well I Get Bored Easily So If You Talk To Me Make Me Laugh Or Entertain Me.:]Peace! ;]