he he haw seeya round chooks biggrin
original acc:rxby2zday or Iilru
all the s**t i like on youtube and me



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You WOULD make a disgusting avatar like that. xd
I hate Exumer

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I hate Exumer

dude just keep the snakes on ya head baybey they're like a gorgon's wet dreams

they are beautiful and i would let them turn me to stone, also pls pour me some of that wine im trying to get my a** drunk

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this is nick

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I hate Exumer

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I hate Exumer

i open the door @ the lobby, in the hotel, in your room,... and i find u in it.... draped in a gown and... a gorgon head
I hate Exumer

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I hate Exumer

hey babygirl

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hey six month hiatus desperado.

BOY DO I EVER APPRECIATE JUICY LONG MESSAGES! It makes me smile, thank you. In adult world currency, smiles are PRETTY valuable, entire business have been built trying to sell them to huge success. I'm sick right now and getting scheduled for 4-5 day long 8-hour shifts closing until 1 AM at WENDY'S.
But finally about to get a day off! Yay! What a grand opportunity to write a totally cool profile comment back to ROOBY.

I'm too stupid to read much nowadays, I once used a Shell gas savings card to scratch glue off of the back of phones for a paycheck, I think a library card would serve a similar function.

Hey Ruby, I wrote this like 3 weeks ago and then like 1 week ago I copied and pasted it into a notepad text document and now I'm here. What a ride.
Um, it's like 6:30 AM. I'm listening to some Oddisee. P slack. Gonna totally leave my yearly reply right now even though I don't really know what to say, I'm going to be so convincing, you'll THINK I know what I'm going to say. Spice it up with a couple !!!!'s and ????'s for MAX internet social appeal check it.

Like what/??

Inflated example!!!!!
Remember when I say I was going to write you a letter 1.2 years ago, yeah I didn't forget. 400 day memory retention, 400 day procrastination? I don't even know what life is, melting together. I'm pretty sure some stuff has happened on the macro scale. I'm moving out come August, will be cool having my own fridge. I wonder if I can hang pictures inside of it and make giant milk monsters. You know what else I didn't forget? That one album I linked you cuz YT rec'd me of some baby eating a record and I was like "Wow Ruby would like this."
I didn't forget that you said people on towns talk about bonking each other. That made me laugh.
Didn't forget you became a Drawception god within a month and I'm still a lowlife level (???).
Didn't forget the pancake on your brother's face snap story.

Memories are HELLA.
I feel like I'm on a frikkin board balancing on a toilet paper roll, my life's gonna FALL EASY MAN.
Sleep schedule at 7 AM YIKES!
Okay I'm done here, but omg thanks for commenting!!! Do appreciate it, you are a cool person have a cool day, fight the good fight, pretend that the whole world is one country so that I don't view you any differently than another peer, and keep playing Sims 3 and not Sims 4 because Sims 4 sucks.


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hey rxby, no idea if you've logged on since sending this, but if you have sorry for taking so long to reply, i've been pretty lowkey on urgency, but I swear I've been thinking up of cool and interesting things to make me seem not so drab.

I'm working my way up to moving out this year, see a lot of my cohorts dipping from their parents' place and I'm jealous, time to follow suit. I'm happy for you though! Well.. I'm sure you have enough happy for yourself and others, but like, I feel some weird paint mix of emotions that is positive for your decisions and that you're not dead. cool!

My life hasn't been ultra exciting, haven't taken any hobbies up yet. Did get a cat. Have had a cat. But she's been a lot more friendly to me as the days go by, it's nice to have a relationship develop despite a rocky start. I'm listening to some D&D podcast, guess Game Grumps and Projared did a thing together. December had me feelin' really "WANT TO D&D", I think I got some stuff setup for January, but all my social stuff has gone silent. Y'know. That feeling when you go on your phone to talk and you got 0 messages... 3 days now... 2 weeks. Yikes, didn't know the initiate a conversation was so harsh on my inbox.

I have no disc drive STILL so no sims, though that'd be eat my time up so quick. Instead I just sleep. Sleep off time. Yikes, dude, my clock is ticking and I'm spending 45% of it in dreamland.
anyway i'm gonna post this right now because it's 3 AM and i want to sleep, good to hear from you and i'll probs be here when you come back next christmas.

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  the toon hero

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the toon hero

how are you


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