Hello! ok so.. this thing is about me.. yeah.. well not much is known, i live in one of the smallest towns in the worlds with a population of...497 or under that... oh well lol
My school has about 90 people in it, small school ain't it? yesh, very small >.< Well, in school i'm on the year book commity.. i tutor the kids, go to karate and thats about it lol I'm in grade 10 and suck at french and gym.
well about my life at home, all i do is eat, sleep, watch t.v, go on computer.. and play games.. or play with my cat named Dottie! she's so cuuute.. ^.^ yesh, i have a very annoying brat sister, a mom, dad and an older brother! so thats about all i'm saying right now.. so.. yeah lol cya!


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Thank you for buyin' at my store!! User Image

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Yo Sis cool profile But change your stupid avi.Its been like that for months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cheeeeeeeeeese wiz adds personality
queen conquer

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queen conquer

Hello. And yeah , you've got a whole 4 comments! HOLY SHIZZNUCKLE! XD

The blue is nice, and like, I know...my sister said that not me. She just ran out. And when you get your driver thingy we are going to Party. XD Lol. And I haves the coolest iPod ever. You've gotta hear some of it, and your comment was strange. =D

And anyway, I know you're never gunna read this so eh.

Gotta run. <333

Peace out yo!

Thanks for the candy!


Icky Thump.

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Yo! I see you got your Mimzy too!

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Hey danielle! yuor watching me type this ain't you??? XD Toasters are good XD lol, well not really XD unless your Frank

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hey dani!! ^o^ wass up? changed my avi again. but anyways I hope you likey, its a lot different than any of my other styles. Weeeeell i gtg, ttyl or well, probably tomorrow. byes! -hugs-


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