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Last Login: 01/22/2016 10:43 am

Registered: 12/16/2015

Gender: Female

Location: Massachusetts

Birthday: 04/13

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Hi, I'm Ruthix!
I originally joined Gaia back in 2004/2005 when I was in high school, but have been absent for about 8-10yrs. At this point, I no longer remember my old login so I'm starting from scratch.

A little about me:
I'm a creative person, always getting into one form of art or another (painting, knitting/crochet, glass etching, drawing, photography, etc). I have a deep love for horror and the supernatural, as well as the associated creatures; zombies are my current obsession. Along those lines, I also really enjoy dystopian and apocalyptic themes.

When I'm not out and about, getting my cooking on, or working out, I can usually be found surfing the interwebs, watching TV, or playing video games. I'm mostly on PS4, though I also have XOne, Wii U, 3DS, and I'm working on getting a new PC for Steam (soooon.....).

Other random interests: vintage cars & trucks, motorcycles, urban exploring, go karting, racing (F1, Indy, and Rallycross mostly), piercings & tattoos, podcasts, making things for other people, and pets (cats, dogs, birds specifically).

Message me, ask me questions - I'm a little shy at first, even awkward due to my introverted tendencies, but I really like meeting/getting to know people and chatting on a regular basis. I'm hoping to build a solid friend group as I dive back into Gaia biggrin

Things I'm curious about:
- Making digital art (y'know, with the tablet thingy)
- RPing

Video games I play:
-Fallout 4 (PS4)
-Destiny (PS4)
-Magika 2 (PS4)
-Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS)
-Halo 5: Guardians (XOne)
-Life is Strange (XOne)
-Rocket League (PS4) <- I'm not so good at it, though haha
-Forza (XOne)
-Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)
-CoD (I think PS4)
-Lots of stuff on Steam, I'm just not active right now -> Ruthifer13 (listed as Ruthix_Cube)
There are more, I just can't remember them off the top of my head...

Board Games:
-Settlers of Catan
-Spy Alley
-I'll try pretty much anything razz


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Genyusai Report | 12/24/2015 9:10 pm
It was maps, like COD or L4D2 where you had to reach the end to beat it, and at the end there was always a boss. You could pick up gold/money, food, weapons, and I think ammo was unlimited. But you
could also find grenades to take out crowds.
Genyusai Report | 12/24/2015 7:14 am
I played this game that was like Champions of Norrath, only with guns and you had to kill hoards of zombies, you could find both melee and ranged weapons and it was up to 4 players. Wish I knew what it was called again...
Genyusai Report | 12/24/2015 4:57 am
Do you know any fun Zombie mmo's?
Genyusai Report | 12/24/2015 3:18 am
Welcome back
Faerie KatrinaZ Report | 12/18/2015 5:31 am
Faerie KatrinaZ
Welcome to the Gaian Geezers Guild! 4laugh

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