My Name is Brandon, here's some stuff about me.

!I Love Michelle!

- I'm 17 and I live in Canada.

- I have a really high pain tolerance. I fall off stuff all the time and I don't get hurt.

- I have a really really high motabolism. If you thought my pain tolerance was high wait till you see my motabolism. I couldn't gain 10 lbs if my life depended on it.

- The glass isn't half empty and it isn't half full either. The glass has juice in it, Who cares if it's half full or half empty, Just drink the damn thing.

- I love paintball. If you can't wake me up just say paintball and I'll be up and dressed.

- Never give me caffine. I have ADHD already. I don't need caffine.

- I do crazy stuff all the time. My friends say they have to think for me because I don't do it myself.

- I love music and I love it loud. Touch my volume and I kill you.

- I love rock and absolutely loathe country.

- I play piano, guitar, drums and I can write lyrics so don't tell me I don't know my music.

- I hate backseat drivers. I'm the one holding the wheel and pushing the pedals and that means your life is in my hands.

- I've walked the bad street in life and if you are going to judge me on what I've messed up in life than I don't want to know you. You should judge people on who they are not who they were.

- I'm a pyro. I can't help it if I like fire and I'm naturally gifted at making things explode.

- I'm a protective boyfriend and if you ask me every guy should be that way.

- I'm an unofficial family guy. I consider a lot of my friends my brothers and sisters. I'm a protective brother too so get used to it.

- I like to make people smile and laugh. I enjoy smiling and laughing so why not spread the joy.

- I'm a very hard person to change. I like being who I am and if you aren't going to accept me for who I am then go away.

- I'm 100% Canadian which means I don't get cold and if you snuggle close you won't get cold either.

- I'm a good listener and I enjoy expressing my opinion in an acceptable manner. Relationships are built or broken on communication.

- I like my sunglasses and it's very hard to separate me from them. Only the people who are the most special to me can wear them.

- I enjoy humour and the snide remarks on my shirts express that. I have two shirts that dont have a saying on them.

- I like to enjoy life as it passes by. We are only here once so we might as well enjoy it.

- I hate porn. All you pervs who look at that stuff should go burn in a furnace or something.

- Women are better than guys and they are always right. I learned that earlier than most guys and I suggest you learn it quickly. Women are better, they always win and they deserve your respect.

- You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends nose.

- If you baby me I'll play along.

- I like cookies and if you have one I'll want it.

- I'm fairly open minded. I like to try and figure things out on my own but if I need help I'll ask or if you want to know something I'll answer.

- My nicknames include Nuggles, Wheeler, Brando, Curious George, Weiner, Cookies and BranBran. Nuggles is from my mom. Wheeler is from my friends because I can ride the Unicycle. Brando is from my grade seven teacher. Curious George is from some girls in my class because they say I remind them of the little monkey from the books and I can't dissagree. Weiner is from my best friends little cousins who just started calling me it because they're too little to say my name. Cookies is from my Grandma because I love cookies. BranBran is from my older sister Beth who calls me that when ever she babies me.

- I can put almost any girl to sleep. All I do is rock them back and forth and hum. They say I have a very soothing voice.

- Don't say you've climbed more trees than me or you can climb better than me because you can't and that's a promise.

- I'm big on promises and I do everything I can to keep them.

- I write poetry and I'm good at it. I have made a lot of people cry with a poem.

- I have a great imagination and it never stops working up ideas.

That's all I can think of so ask me if you want to know anything.


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A s h l 3 y

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A s h l 3 y

You never come on here anymore.
Or Yahoo!
Message me sometime.
Missles you.

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omg happy b-day! : DD

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copy/paste this to 10 ppl and press f5 & f9 at the same time and youll get 100,000gold

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haha ΓΌ

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lol boo =)

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thank you soo much User Image

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Finally someone else who's from alberta! I'm in Calgary User Image

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I think you went to the wrong guild....Its called Band Nerds United.

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okay. answered what???? the quest...I wonder who....