Hello~ I'm Russia. I'm pretty nice most of the time, but if you get under my skin, I'll kill you~ Nobody can tell because of my sweet face, but I'm really just waiting to see my enemies all crushes to powder.
The only person that really frightens me is my sister, Belarus. She wants to marry me, and will do anything to do so. Even so, she is my sister, and if anyone were to hurt her, I'd probably end up killing them.
My other sister is Ukraine. She's not much to look at, but she's very kind. Unfortunately, though, she's very poor.
Some time in the future, I want to go to a warm place with lots of sunflowers. I don't like the cold much, though I don't really notice it anymore.

China, if you're reading this, you might want to give my offer another chance~

~"Become one with Russia, da?"~

About me--OOC:
I'm not actually anything like Russia, except that I don't like the cold. I live in the middle of the desert, so it's pretty freaking cold in the winter. You can call me Lia or something, I guess. That's the least close thing to my actual name that I use. Recently, I found out that it means "Bringer of the Holy Book" in Italian. That just made me want to do an Italy cosplay~ XD
I enjoy roleplaying, and I'm currently obsessed with Hetalia Academy-related stuff. I also enjoy music. Mostly Dum Dum Girls and David Bowie and Morrissey right now. I'm also a Doctor Who obsessive--well, as of yesterday at seven. Because that was the Christmas Special. Of Doctor Who. Yeah. I also think Neil Gaiman is just as awesome as Prussia. Which is why I've read all of the Sandman books, a couple of the Death books, American Gods, and most of his other stuff. Yeah.
I've been dreaming of a . . . fem!Russia cosplay! That's right, folks.
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Total Value: 19,025 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
White Stockings
Pink Sparkle Empire Dress
Ribbon Luv Sleeves Pink
Brown Gloves
Pink Frilled Hat
White Leopard Fur Hat
White Leopard Fur Hat
Blade's Brown Boots
Added expenses: The HAIR. I need about 10500gg for that . . . You'll notice the rest is cheapest possible for the cosplay. emotion_awesome


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My journal: Doesn't exist

I'm turning Wishcase Bureau into a Hetalia account. So this'll mostly be OOC junk.


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RED America

Report | 12/30/2012 11:46 am

RED America

Yo dude! xo

Report | 08/24/2012 10:03 pm


Lol it's okay ^-^ and thank you...? Well, it's self-centered to say but I agree lol.

Report | 08/09/2012 8:03 am


....I feel slightly offended by your profile. I look /exactly/ like Ukraine (I'm Ukrainian) and you said she's not much to look at emotion_8c
BUT you are adorable evil (and apperently even awesomer in real life -whoots for David Bowie! biggrin ) so I'll just ignore it lol

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Oh. I'm just a little slow. Thanks.

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I can't find it. emotion_8c You sure you got it from tektek?

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Much appreciated. Russia is awesome by the way. whee

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I love your profile! How did you get it?
Villain You Cant Hate

Report | 12/29/2011 6:37 pm

Villain You Cant Hate

*runs away in terror*
Villain You Cant Hate

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Villain You Cant Hate

Yes, ultimate power!!! Kesesese!!
Nah, actually, I just aim to bug you for now.
Villain You Cant Hate

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Villain You Cant Hate

*awesomely pokes you*


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Art by me~

Yes, my avatar may have the feminine physique usually disassociated with men, but I'm cosplaying a guy, and I never want to use a Nyo--I mean, GB-potion. so, yeah. Address me as a guy. Though I may be a girl in real life.