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this is the best way to lose brain cells

yes i can !!!! fight!!!!!


How could this happend to me


I'm a gal who wants to take charge but dosen't know how to. My interst are Volley ball, Rock climbing, swimming, playing instruments such as Trumpet, Barritone, Piono, Key board, Obeo, flut, Clarent, and drums. I know, i know that's a lot of things i like but thats just me. I guess that whould make me a tom boy. I love to be talked to, but for a strange reason none of my friends talk to me here. Owell mabey some one will start talking to me.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Babstract Report | 06/08/2019 5:48 pm
cool avi
everybody23 Report | 03/30/2010 8:58 pm
how are u if good good you are probuly like what are u talking about but thats is why i had a lot of suger dang this is not makeing sence aaahhh!!!
djnell 12 Report | 03/19/2010 8:59 pm
djnell 12
want to do wat??
djnell 12 Report | 02/08/2010 8:34 pm
djnell 12
lol wat do u mean u cant leave me??
djnell 12 Report | 01/17/2010 7:28 pm
djnell 12
hey razz
djnell 12 Report | 01/10/2010 7:45 pm
djnell 12
oh ok razz
djnell 12 Report | 01/10/2010 7:37 pm
djnell 12
ill text chu when i get my phone back on ok??
djnell 12 Report | 01/10/2010 7:15 pm
djnell 12
*glares at chu* where have u been
djnell 12 Report | 06/03/2009 2:42 pm
djnell 12
oh thats kool
djnell 12 Report | 06/03/2009 2:21 pm
djnell 12
i know it dose and the only reason im not the one fighting her cause im not trying to stay back but how was ur day?


Hello world.... im stuck in a world that dose not want me!!
haha jk/jk it kinda likes me i just have really bad luck

crazy blake
Blue Eden
ivy the pixie
Captain Whoopass
Homemade Homicide
djnell 12

i luv her she is lik my sis

stop talking im out of aspirn

no amount of therapy will EVER make this ok

Pain is my best friend it lets me know im not dead yet

Can i take ur pic...i want santa to know exactually wat i want 4 xmas

Im the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silance because sum thing happend YESTERDAY

To live is the rarest thing. Most ppl only exist

34 muscles to frown...4 muscles to stick up my middle fringer and tell them to bit me

Oops did my sarcasm hurt your feelings? Get over it

Yea im a loser but im the coolest loser u will ever meet

love is only one chapter in a guys life...for girls its the whole book

Immature: just a word used by ppl who dont know how to hav fun

Stop the world i want to get off

who ever said only sunshire brings happenss never danced out in the rain

when u say a girl is hot ur looking at her body. When u say a girl looks pretty ur looking at her face. When u say a girl looks beautiful ur looking at her heart.

any problem can be solved if u hav enough explosives

stress is when u wake up in the middle of the night screaming and relized u havent fallen asleep yet

scientist say that 1 out of 4 ppl r crazy so go check 3 of ur friends and if its not them congrates

i want to do my part to make the world a better place but murder is illegal

srew normal: if ur normal the crowd will accept u, but if ur deranged the crowd will make u their leader

he gave he 12 roses 11 real and 1 fake and he said he will live till the last one dies

FEAR: forget every thing and run

we live in a kind of world where pizza gets to ur house b4 police do