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made my day <3


ME :)

Hellooo people of the universe!! gonk << isn't that face just adorable XD
anywho! My name is Erica and it's nice to meet you heart (in a one sided way, because I might not know you yet xp )
I am Canadian!!! HA << That isn't a legit site, I think
we got ninjas ninja blaugh ninja that's right BABAM!
yea... so I was a little hyper when I wrote this whee
I like sports and drawing 3nodding
I haven't been on gaia in a long time so all my friends kinda stopped playing while I was gone crying
Be my friend? 4laugh jk I'm not desperate but I mean like if you reaaaaally want to, it's your choice pfft pssh sweatdrop
I'm awkward sweatdrop heart
but that's MEEE so love it or leave it heart xp 3nodding
aren't these emojis just the cutest things ever heart ninja xd 3nodding gonk
and congratz to you if you got though this about me segment!! mrgreen
OH and while you're here and if you have time go check out the videos on the side <<<<<<<<< they're a lot of fun! blaugh Enjoy! 4laugh


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Taiora Dream Report | 07/21/2014 9:41 pm
Taiora Dream
If there are other colors you want be sure to let me know smile It should be pretty easy to search up the colors available in the market place haha.

IMO, my job is paying too much for the work i'm doing, but hey, I don't complain lol. If it was up to me though, I probably would pay myself half of what i'm getting currently for the same type of work. Baby sit is a legit job! I love baby sitting haha. You are only like what? 14? I don't think you can even work yet aside from baby sitting work so what are you worried about? When I was 14 I was sitting at home chilling and playing games haha.

I love to hear people being happy too! heart It makes me sad when I hear ppl's lives are troubled, which is why I love talking to you because you are so happy and cheerful and open-minded haha. I hope you can stay like that 4ever! But as all thing in life goes, it's hard to be upbeat all the time sad Oh well, that doesn't affect us enjoying the "now"!
Taiora Dream Report | 07/19/2014 10:30 pm
Taiora Dream
XD accept my trade request! Or did you not see it? :O Anyway go to your trade and accept it!

My summer job is with Nexen, it's a oil and gas company since we are in Alberta haha. What I do is sit infront of a computer and load data related to the oil wells and support other business units when they need data for their research/project etc.

We are planning to get married soon, in two years maybe razz I'm looking to buy a house first though. My bf graduated in April and just found a job recently. So hopefully he does good on the job so we can move forward with life lol!

Don't worry you are still young haha, you will find the right one in due time. Perhaps in high school razz I found my BF in high school. My first relationship didn't work out either, I think I was definitely too immature at the time for it. Well... we were both immature. I sent you an email. Yay I have your email now! I officially have no more reason to come on Gaia LOLOL.

Accept. The. Trade.

Also let me know what colors you like... I just bought you those things based on what I thought looked nice, but I don't know what your prefs are D: so tell me!
Taiora Dream Report | 07/18/2014 10:32 pm
Taiora Dream
Wow I love how when I click "comment back" it doesn't show me what you wrote so I have to open it on a separate window. Stupid Gaia. Sorry haha, you can see I'm a little sour about Gaia right now. I believe they lock your account after 1 year of no activity, after which, to get the account back you have to make a new one and file a ticket and wait for it to be approved. My old account had NOTHING in it and it took half a year, so I reckon if you have a lot of shiizzz it would take longer to verify whatnot.

I'm not rich lmao, what I did is I sold something I used to have since it went up like crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy and that's all. I honestly felt richer back in the day when I had 2mil haha, this 600mil has no buying power. I'm going to get you something from the royalty bizarree since I think you can't go there yet XD and also stuff there are fixed price so its nice (they are only things I'm spending on now). Yeah gaia got nice items now, like i mean the items now are seriously nice, but they all have a milk the user's money sort of spin on it. sad

Haha, you would make a fun GF scream Ruang, wacha talking about. XD You are going into high school, so exciting smile BTW PM me your email or something so we can stay in touch. heart

Yeah I'm still in university but I"m working at a summer job currently, just earnng some extra $$. My bf and I have been dating for 8 years haha, so I'm good as taken. I would actually say I'm lucky because I have some temper issues and he's been very patient with me. He is the guy on my profile although he never logs on Gaia, he only logs on when I tell him to. rofl
Taiora Dream Report | 07/17/2014 7:37 pm
Taiora Dream
I'm good. I missed you so much <3. I'm just logging on once a day for 10 seconds so they don't close my account sigh... my old acct took half a year to get back. Since gaia is nothing but a cash milking cow towards its users I'm just seeing how much worse this will get haha. You are probably the last person I'm really holding on to or give a damn about on this site. BTW I have 600mil I'm looking to spend on something, so if you want anything at all please tell me. Each day I wait, the 600mil is worth less and less. So stupid. I don't care about this site anymore, just want to spend all my gold before they are worth like 1G. Haha smile

Enough about gaia, what about you, aren't you almost in high school now? Or already in high school? Got a boyfriend yet? hehe.
Taiora Dream Report | 07/16/2014 7:07 pm
Taiora Dream
hoho, you are on lol. What do you think of gaia? @_@
Taiora Dream Report | 01/29/2014 8:48 pm
Taiora Dream
Thanks xD I like this one too, it's so brown and warm! Man I'm sooooooooo old, I wish I was in high school haha xd I'm in university so my exams were done before Christmas. Good luck on the rest of your exams if you've still got any! As for wii I totally know what you mean, I wanted to buy some prepaid cards for wii the other day and they don't even sell it anymore! I was so disappointed. I didn't want to give them my credit card number just to buy a few things. sad Did you get just dance yet?

Omg it's sooooooooooo cold here in Calgary haha, and so much snow too.
Taiora Dream Report | 01/05/2014 5:51 pm
Taiora Dream
Pfft you bad girl watching 18+ movies! talk2hand I'm scared of bloody stuff like knives and stuff haha that's why non of my avis ever has blood in it @_@ I have this morbid fear for them. Yep Just dance is definitely very very fun biggrin I recommend 3 and 4. I haven't gotten the latest one yet 2014, waiting for it to go on discount hehe. xp
Taiora Dream Report | 01/04/2014 11:37 pm
Taiora Dream
Grade 9, soooooooooooo cute, you are so young oh my gosh, I wish I was that young! scream scream Thanks! I always wanted to do a gothic looking avi, man I spent a long time on this one, it still doesn't feel quite right though. confused For now, I think this is the best I can do, so I'll just leave it at that. xd Wii Mini! So nice, I love doing Just Dance on Wii haha, it's so fun. BTW, you should get a n3ds next if you get the chance, it's so awesome, there are some super nice games on there. When you get one, be sure to ask me what games!
Taiora Dream Report | 01/03/2014 8:25 pm
Taiora Dream
Man I like your profile XD I love your rocking personality, you are so outgoing, cheerful and stuff. xd xd I don't know how you think of the funniest things to say haha. Happy new year to you and good luck on your exams! What grade are you in now?
Taiora Dream Report | 12/30/2013 8:04 pm
Taiora Dream
Mine's good. Visiting a lot of old friends and hanging out etc. It's pretty fun xd I also had a lot of fun shopping and bought a bunch of stuff! It's so cold here it definitely snowed lots. You can totally have a snowball fight here XD but it's sooooo cold I don't want to get out. gonk

Things I wish I had but forget to buy because I find something better :U

People who like my profile ;D

Taiora Dream

Isn't the background picture cool >_< You can't really see it because my profile junk is covering it so here it is!! Take a nice long look :) enjoy!

This person is my mommy!! haha <3 she's

an amazing friend, incredibly nice like I
think it should be illegal, she's my bestie
and I love her <3 SNOWBALL FIGHT > biggrin


buuuut i don't think they play anymore D:
well I hardly play too but like... I visit!
and I have my one month returns until im
gone again xD tweehee <3

cuz i like chess but i suck at it ._.

awkward it's suppose to say "these" not "this" but I won't change it cuz you need to knowthat im a fail ._. tweehee xD