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Name: Kin Simly
Name meanings: It doesn't mean anything, it originate from "Simply Pink" and I removed the 'p's and rearrange it around.
Age: 14
Birthday: August 29th
Cultural Background: Mexican/Japanese

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pink
Skin: Tan
Height: 5'2
Weight: 95
Build: average

Blood Type: AB
Sun Sign: Virgo
Likes: Bubble Gum, Stuffed Animals, and Laughter.
Dislikes: Vomit, babies, and needles.
Strongest Subject: Art, PE, Science
Weakest Subject: Math
Strong Points: Cuteness
Has Trouble With: seeing why people have to be so mean.
Dream: To be a scientist and finding cures.

Personality: Kin's always bubbly and happy. There's never a time where you see her sad. She loves her friends and her stuffed bear, Kyan.

Personal History: She lost a mother when she was very young.

Her nonconformity: She's so different from her fellow senshi because she's always happy, but she is actually pretty mischievous. She likes to pull humiliating pranks on ugly people. She only likes to save cute people, animals, and etc.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Pink
Realm of Influence: Rainbow, Pink, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and Everything Adorable! 4laugh

Transformation Phrase: Kawaii Pink Power Transform!
Transformation Item: Pink Heart Stick
Transformation Sequence:

Tagline: "By the power of bubble gum, cotton candy, and everything adorable, I am Sailor Pink, the defender of cute things! "

Symbol: A Pink Bubble with a mini heart in the middle
Colors: pink
Outfit: A Fuku that is pink.
Weapons: a bubble wand

Fighting Style: Defensive/Annoying

First Attack Name: Bubble Gum Crisis (Offensive)
First Attack Appearance: she waved her bubble wand around and it produces bubble which would fly toward the person she wants.

First Attack Effect/Damage: It doesn't really do anything except to make the person sticky.
First Attack Accuracy: 70%

Second Attack Name: Super Bubble Bubble Bounce! (Offensive/Defensive)
Second Attack Appearance: She creates a giant pink bubble which she would encase herself in.
Second Attack Effect/Damage: attacks against her would be rendered harmless but in result, she would be bouncing all over the place.
Second Attack Accuracy: 100%

Mission: To protect everything that rainbow senshi stand for.
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Sailor Pink's Cute Journal

Sailor Pink's Cute Journal


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Hey I loved your Fiora cosplay <3 I wish you the best of luck <3 I have the tektek of a Miss Fortune but still missing a few things to actually make it


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