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The name's ****, but you can call me Alex; Only my friends can call me by my real name.
If you're looking for someone who hides their true face with makeup, lies to make themselves seem cool, or even become a total a*****e to get by in life, then turn the ******** around right now, you won't find that in me. In my opinion, I am not the best looking person out there, and I may not be the best guy to live with. But, I am one of the most nicest guys you will ever know. I love making friends, and have a ton of them. As long as you can learn not to piss me off, then we're good.
As far as I know, I'm an American with a weird heritage. Maybe black, African-American, even Asian from my father's side. I've moved many times in my life, so I am not native to any place yet. I suppose I'm a furry, and I have pride in it, just like how I don't mind homosexuality. I'm probably bi-curious, but won't make a life out of it. I am currently alone, single. There are only four-five people I would do anything for, and I have yet to see them all again..
I'm very sarcastic when needed. I've been called every name there is, and hurt a lot in my past. So whatever trolling name you come up with will be like trying to rip my metal self-esteem in half. Go ahead and let me know what it is, I'll laugh at it. I am a definite skeptic and can't help how I think. And I think that I am useless to everyone around me, while everyone else hates me. I can be annoying at times and suffer slight Male PMS. Despite how dark I can act sometimes, I an be very open when I am not depressive. it's usually easy to tell how I am feeling.
Otherwise, despite my ups and downs, you can get to know me easily. Feel free to send a PM, friend request, or even ask me some questions.
~Alex, Rrocker1020

Devious fox
Cleverly stalking me
Planning your attack.

I see your red fur
I see your golden eyes
I see your glistening fangs.

Try to steal me
Try to break me
Try to kill me.

You will not succeed
You will lose me
You will not eat today.

Scamper away with your tail between your legs
Scamper away with the knowledge of your defeat
Scamper away with your heart still beating.

Thank you, Mo-mo.