I live in Philippines smile
virgo and a natural born leader
i am freaking afraid of birds
i love magic
i love pokemon
i love toys and dolls action figures
tourism Student
i am fun to be with sometimes
i love disney
a big fan of fairy tail and pokemon
i love shaman king

my achievements smile

i was a president of my Class from HighSchool till now that i am a graduating college student

i am an event manager
i was a dance troupe president
member of the fanart society

i am free spirted
happy go lucky
was a girlfriend
pokemon trainer


i am now a member of a cover group named
deux tho we only do it secretly

i love to walk
i love to swim
i love to sing/rap
i love to dance
i really love to eat
i prefer savory than sweet well unless its a fruit smile


-- pm me if youre not satisfied smile