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Come one, come all! I sell at a far rate. Willing to trade a fair trade. emotion_kiss


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Lady Amnel Report | 03/29/2018 9:07 pm
Lady Amnel
are you really ok, i know i havent been there fo ryou in the past, but now i am going to do my best to be there for you now so if you ever need to talk I am here ok
Lady Amnel Report | 03/29/2018 3:52 pm
Lady Amnel
hey its been awhile just wanted to check up on you
Sinful Goth Report | 03/11/2018 8:04 pm
Sinful Goth
Thank you for buying one of my creations smile
Clockwork Idiot Report | 02/18/2018 12:20 am
Clockwork Idiot
Prince is and will always be a legend!
Clockwork Idiot Report | 02/14/2018 9:12 pm
Clockwork Idiot
Who doesn't love Prince? blaugh
xChu-Yukima Report | 09/23/2017 10:47 pm
That my cupcake *wraps my arms around her*
xChu-Yukima Report | 09/23/2017 3:26 pm
I am still waiting *keeps hand held out*
xChu-Yukima Report | 09/23/2017 2:57 pm
I had my reasons... Ok I had my reasons
xChu-Yukima Report | 09/23/2017 2:43 pm
Well if you wanna be Loki then ok and no you're eldest.. unless you count your new sister, but unfortunately my old account is now dead *holds out hand* Now come here
xChu-Yukima Report | 09/23/2017 2:36 pm
If I forgotten about you I wouldn't call you out besides.. I how can I forget about my eldest daughter