Hi im Roy mustang! (the old roy mustang) welcome to my pro..

NEWS!!!! (single and ready to start a new life...)

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Alias Futher Mustang(first few episodes)
· · · Futher Mustang(through most of the series)
· · · Brigadier General Mustang(later in the series)
· · · Flame Alchemist
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 70 years old(source: 4th volume of the manga)
Hair Black
Eyes Onyx(Bluish-black)
Height 5'8"(source: height chart)
Status Colonel in the military
Quote "I will be Fuhrer someday!"
Voice Travis Willingham
Anime Fullmetal Alchemist Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi
· · · Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala Gekijyouban Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Shanbara wo Yuku Mono
The above info came from Akina Hasegawa and jasms.de, and was edited by yours truly (contact me).
Hide Top Character Description: Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang comes off as a rather shallow character. His goal to become Fuhrer seems to start out as a need to change the women's military uniform to include a miniskirt. He's a state alchemist who controls the element fire using his pyrotex gloves that have an alchemic array on the back. He seems to be a source of constant annoyance for Edward Elric, he makes comments about Ed's height and seems to be a rival.

Once you delve beneath the surface though, you hit a whole different story. He participated in the Ishbal Massacre and it wrought havoc on his young mind. Horrified with his actions he became suicidal. After shooting Winry's parents, he turned the gun onto himself. Marco came by at that time, as he was trying to escape, due to what cruelties he had done during his military times, and tells Roy Mustang not to commit suicide, but instead to focus his desires to getting to a position where he doesn't have to take orders, and then runs away. Hughes knows of this and his vow is to assist Roy in getting to that position, no matter what it takes.

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~Kimbly.... scream

~Loves Alchemy
~Friends ^^

currently: in town
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hay bby 4laugh

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He grinned a toothy grin having his sharpen teeth show "Oh Fullmetal...yeah..yeah..Good to hear you're..great and all,it's the best thing to have before..you know..someone rips your heart out~ literally~" he said chuckling with his arms crossed "But Just a figure of speech Musty~" he teased
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Just because xd

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Hey ther.e.."Mustang"...how have you been?" he said grinning

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Eeep!!! Your so cute love your avi crying heart heart
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hi, cornel..... xd

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Random surfing can take you anywhere, and where it took me, was you're page! :3
I hope you don't think I'm TOO strange. :3
P.S - Yes I know, stupid username.. I need to change it. Dk to what though.

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ROY MUSTANGGGGGGG! sorry... i love your chara. hehe my freind is going as him to our next con... IN A MINISKIRT!!!! im accompanying as her as ed, in much the same haha

you didnt need to know that, i just felt it was relevent -__-*


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Gaia's Roy Mustang