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Hi, I'm Summer, and I'm a sociopath.
I like to have fun, and I'm a social butterfly. I'm also fiercely rebellious. I don't like being told what to do. For being a branch off of another person, I'm remarkably independent.
I'm tall and thin with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. People tell me I look like a model.
So, yeah, that's about it.


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Codename_Phobos Report | 02/13/2011 8:23 pm
Well well well. Isn't someone looking particularly delicious today. Pink suits you well, you know that?

Hope somebody gives you everything you want this VDay. Since I can't be there to do it myself.
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 10:00 pm
I don't think I'll need to be trained much.
I mean, I've already got girls crawling all over me, and I'm in the body of a guy who is known to be taken.
Just sayin'.
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 9:53 pm
What's hot, me pulling the chain and ripping the universe apart or them beating out Godrick's libido? I daresay the second one doesn't sound half as appealing.
I dare you to try it with Godrick.
You will lose this bet. He is not into girls at all.
Also I'm not sure he'd like a threeway, either. Which is unfortunate, of course.
More for me I guess.
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 9:43 pm
Really? Try seducing Godrick for me. It would be difficult even if you were male.
No, really. It's like they beat out his libido in that military school.
Also, I'm about to grab that chain and start pulling until the universe rips apart.
I would be harder to seduce if I didn't have such a crippling weakness, I'm sure.
But I do. Guess that just makes it more fun for both of us, doesn't it? wink
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 9:26 pm
Well, I already know much of what happens later on in my life, and I'm greatly looking forward to the future because of it.
Just... let it be known that there are benefits to being a male. wink
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 9:22 pm
Hate to break it to you, sweetie, but I've got the whole actual demon thing going for me.
Not that you aren't hot. No, that's not the case at all. wink
I just have supernatural powers. Which as far as I know you don't.
Except extraordinary hotness.
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 9:16 pm
I was going to get myself some and equip it, but it's insanely expensive.
Actually, it's perfectly clear to me. wink
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 9:08 pm
Oh my. I feel special. No, really. No sarcasm intended.
You have NO idea. There's some stuff that humans only WISH they had thought of.
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 8:51 pm
Well, I think there's an item, either a t-shirt or a sign, that says "Glomp Me" on it.

But nothing that says "Jump Me." Hmm.
Codename_Phobos Report | 02/01/2011 8:40 pm
It's like you're ASKING me to eat you!

You may as well set up a blinking neon sign above your head that says "Come get me, I'm waiting."




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