Roxas - Key of Destiny's avatar

Gender: Male

Location: Twilight Town

Roxas' Theme

Weapons List

*Kingdom Key

Limit Breaks/Abilities

*(n/a; mostly same as Sora's)


Name: Roxas
Sex: Male
Age: 14-15
Birthplace: Twilight Town
Height: ?'??"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Sora's "special Nobody", the Key of Destiny
Weapon(s): Keyblade (x2)

During Roxas' time in the Organization, he and Axel became best friends, but because Roxas had no prior memories of his life before and had many questions as to why he was chosen as a Keybearer, Roxas deserted to find answers the Organization was unable or unwilling to give.

Riku, motivated by his desire to help Sora regain his memories and awaken, confronted Roxas in the World that Never Was. Roxas was victorious in the first encounter; after Riku changed his form to take possession of the power of darkness, Roxas was defeated. Riku took him to DiZ who placed Roxas in a virtual Twilight Town created within Sora's memories without any memory of the Organization and with a fabricated identity to throw off his pursuers. But while Naminé restored Sora's memories as DiZ wished, Roxas is affected by seeing his other self's memories in dreams. As a result of DiZ's scheme, Roxas lived a normal life in a simulated Twilight Town until his past came back to haunt him when Axel infiltrated the simulated town to save him from DiZ.

Despite Axel's attempts to stop him and the reclamation of his memories as the thirteenth member of the Organization, Roxas merged with Sora in the beginning of the game as part of DiZ's plan of revenge to use a "complete" Sora to fight the rest of the Organization. However, he appeared two more times near the end of the game in the World That Never Was. The first was a confrontation with Sora that led to a one-on-one fight. The fight is never fully explained and is left open for interpretation. Roxas appears once again with Naminé before Kairi enters the corridor of darkness back to Destiny Islands. He and Naminé imply that they will not fade but live on within Sora and Kairi as both a part of them and as their own separate beings, as seen in the ending cinematic when they smile at each other through their other selves.


Roxas is Sora's Nobody who was "born" when Sora stabbed himself with the dark Keyblade created by Ansem and turned into a Heartless. Roxas had no memory of being Sora because of his "rare birth" and eventually left the Organization to find Sora. However, Roxas was captured by Riku and placed in DiZ's virtual Twilight Town with no memory of before. Overtime, Roxas eventually remembers his true self and accepts his true nature during the process of merging with Sora. However, Roxas remained active, challenging and losing to Sora in a "mental duel". Roxas is the 13th member of Organization XIII, the "Key of Destiny", and controls the element of Light along with the Samurai Nobodies. He dual-wields the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades.

*Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix
*Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
*Kingdom Hearts II

Voice Actor(s):

Japanese Seiyuu: Koki Uchiyama
English Dubbed (US): Jesse McCartney

01. "Another dream about him..." [KH2]
02. "Sora. You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is...over." [KH2]
03. "You make a good other." [KH2]
04. "Look sharp!" [KH2]