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chikanina Report | 02/01/2009 2:17 am
hello,sorry if u dont like this, but mr.teddy insisted. im against my will on this, but you can be one of 12 to help me "Hi, I am Teddy. Once you read this you cannot get out. Finish reading this until it is done! As I said, I am Teddy. I am 7 years old. I have no eyes and blood all over my face. I am dead. If you don’t send this to at least 12 people I will come to your house at midnight and I‘ll hide under your bed. When you’re asleep, I’ll kill you. Don’t believe me? Case 1 Patty Buckles Got this e-mail. She doesn’t believe in chain letters. Well, Foolish Patty. She was sleeping when her TV started flickering on and off. Now she’s not with us anymore. Ha ha patty, Ha ha! You don’t want to be like Patty, do you? Case 2 George M. Simon Hates chain mail, but he didn’t want to die that night. He sent it to 4 people. Not good enough George. Now, George is in a coma, we don’t know if he’ll ever wake up. Ha ha George, Ha ha! Now, do you want to be like George? Case 3 Valarie Tyler She got this letter. Another chain letter she thought. Only had 7 people to send to. Well, That night when she was having a shower she saw bloody Mary in the mirror. It was the BIGGEST fright of her life. Valarie is scarred for life. Case 4 Derek Minse This is the final case I’ll tell you about. Well, Derek was a smart person. He sent it to 12 people. Later that day, he found a $100.00 bill on the ground. He was premoted to head officer at his job and his girlfriend said yes to his purposal. Now, Katie and him are living happily ever after. They have 2 beautiful children. Send this to at least 12 people or you’ll face the consequences. 0 people- You will die tonight 1-6 people- you will be injured 7-11 people- you will get the biggest fright of your life 12 and over- you are safe and you will have a good fortune! Do What Teddy Says!!! hurry u must send it 2 12 peolple before midnight tonight " thank you,sorry and good luck. (nandesuto!)
MiciMouse Report | 11/15/2008 1:08 am
cute profile biggrin
hope to see you around biggrin
Fear me -Rawrs- Report | 08/31/2008 10:44 pm
Fear me -Rawrs-
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
satans_butt Report | 08/28/2008 3:28 pm
try this out this really works!send this to...

5 people 100 gold

10 people 1 k

15 people 10 k

27 people 29 k

then press ctrl+W

when the window closed,login again and check your account and check your gold amount
UltimateTrnz4mer Report | 08/01/2008 2:35 pm
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
Hot virginia Report | 07/11/2008 3:15 pm
Hot virginia
*did u know kissing is healthy
*bananas r good 4 cramps
*its good 2 cry
*chicken soup actually makes u feel better
*94%of boys would love it if u sent them flowers
*only apply mascara 2 ur top lashes
*its true! boys do insult u if they like u
*89% of guys want u to make the first move
*chocolate will make u feel better
*most boys think it is cute when u say the wrong thing
*a good friend never judges
*boys arent worth ur tears
*more boys than girls would be lookin at this message
*we all love surprises!
Hot virginia Report | 07/06/2008 5:37 pm
Hot virginia
true friend- u cry i cry. u hurt i hurt. u fight i fight. u jump off a bridge i get a paddle boat and save ur retarded a**!!
Hot virginia Report | 07/06/2008 5:34 pm
Hot virginia
ur enemy stabs u in the front.... ur friends stab u in the back....ur bf/gfstabs u in the heart... but me , ur closest friend, carries the knife... to stab those mother-freakers right back!
Hot virginia Report | 07/06/2008 5:27 pm
Hot virginia
the government decided tht in 2009 they will ship all retards away. i started crying when i thought about u. be strong!!
wokfie2 Report | 07/06/2008 12:05 pm
how are you
Hot virginia
Handsome captain spanky