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My Wonderful School


A Welcome Note

My name is Routa.
I come from a tiny mountain village. I do not live there anymore.
I've defeated many evil beasts and dictators among my time, so if you're an evil beast and you're reading this, watchout!
Unusual circumstances led to my becoming gifted with the power to manipulate earth.

The dark, the coolness,
The amazing toughness of garnet or fragile crumbliness of limestone.
The sharp of obsidian, the soft of talc.
The glitter of gemstones, the dull shine of metal ores.
The explosiveness of volcanoes, or deep sense of patience, like granite waiting one day to surface.
It is a wonderful gift, and I shall use it to bring peace and justice to the world, as well as teaching others how to use their own element manipulation powers.

I am a co-founder of the best elemental school here in Gaia;
Commonsky Academy.

If you wish to be allowed to enter the Draconian dorms, please send me a friend request, so that I can allow the stone doorway to recognize you and let you through.
If you wish to know more about me, please refrain from reading my files and talk to me instead. I am not a fan of paperwork.

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Is that a lump of dirt? Oh! No, its just an incredibly grubby book. Wonder whats inside...

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