Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! Ohayo! Welcome everyone to my profile! My name is Ark and I am, well, I was on here a long time ago, but then I was banned and now I'm back ^^

(Yes Ark is my real name XP)

Only a real man wears pink

Lesse what else should I tell about myself....?


I am bi, meaning I like girls and boys.

I am Pagan (if you have problems with it then don't talk to me or spam my profile with hate mail, I will report you. I have no problem with it either.)

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I do love to RP.
If you do to, then please PM me and we can meet somewhere.

Here's my profile (one of them ^^ sweatdrop )

Name: Dark Mercury Umeda

Age: 29

Sex: male

Type: ninja angel

Weapon: a sword made of multi-colored stone with the hilt made of silver; it’s a reverse katana with a mango wood sheath wrapped in black leather with an eagle feather and a pink and red Chinese love knot.

Personality: He’s very quiet until he is comfortable around people, tends to jump to conclusions, a little spacey, a little perverted, a little kind and gentle, can be brash and rough, a little sexist, a little sad and depressed and is something of a people watcher

Appearance: User Image

Background story: Dark Mercury grew up as Mercury Uesugi, in a small ninja village hidden in the mountains. He was the son of the high ninja there, when he was only 16 he was forced into an arranged marriage to a very vain and selfish girl. At 20 years old they had one child together, a son that was named Mouse. When Mercury was 21 a strange woman came into the village after a battle not too far from the village. She was badly wounded and he felt a pang in his heart for her. Maybe it was love, whatever it was his wife grew jealous and tried to kill the woman in her sleep. She failed and was badly wounded. After that she left the village and he followed after her, taking his small son with him. He looked all over for the woman, but never found her. He returned to his village only to find that it was destroyed, burned to the ground.

I love yaoi... twisted

If you are amazed that a guy would like yaoi, please refer to the upper part of my profile, where it mentions my preferences ^^

Yes, I am a clothing designer...what can I say...I like to make clothes.
And it actually all started with me making my own cosplay costumes.
I had a really cool picture of me as Cloud but my computer crashed and I didn't have a paper copy...so, sorry all you fan girls ^^

I am asian...half Japanese and half native american!

I love my rez car! lol (I really don't have a rez car though -__-)

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Spyder in a silver with a panda and dragon on the hood (custom done for me ^^)
And a custom paint job on my VRSCD night rod harley motorcycle (black and white. It has a panda on it ^^)

(I wish I had pictures to show T-T)

~My favorite color is Pink and Red
~My favorite food is spaghetti and strawberries!
~My favorite pasttime is drawing clothes and or working on my car and bike ^^
~My favorite anime is too many to name ^^
~My favorite number is 7 but I'm a little 6 too wink
~My favorite asset of a woman is her eyes, personality and breasts (I can't help it, I'm a boob kinda guy)
~My favorite asset of a man is his eyes,personality and butt (I can't help that either ^.^)
~My favorite type of music is rock ^^
~My favorite artist is Nene Thomas and Jonathon Earl Bowser
~My favorite candy would have to be those cadbury eggs during Easter (Yum!)
~My favorite yaoi couple would have to be CloudxZack and SasukexNaruto ^^
~My favorite song is 'Simple Man' by ShineDown

Well, I hope that satisfied your curiosity for now ^^

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Here are my goddesses

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If Tifa and Aeris were real, I'd ask them to sleep with me. ^^


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AHHHHH!!!! u scared me!!!!!!
Divinity in Motion

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Divinity in Motion

I add 50k. Is that okay? =]
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Divinity in Motion

I deleted your comment so she doesn't see it. =3
How much do you still need?

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thanxs ^^ luv yours too

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it sure is XD

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they were ^^ how have you been?

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yeah. well, not full party animals, but yeah they know how to party. XD

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yeah i was ^^ i am in new york XD seeing some buds now XD they are the greatest, but after hanging with them for a few hours, i can sleep for like two days XD