【 ☀ 】 stevie
【 ♀ 】 female
【 ✗ 】 may 15th
【 ❤ 】 pansexual
【 ღ 】 love is universal and i intend to spread it--no matter the being. i make my own day. i decide on whether or not i'll be happy or if i'll let sadness drag me down. i'll decide if anger will blind me, if regret will nag at my thoughts, or if i'll let love open me to the world.
bad things happen and i know i'll live--even if at times it seems really hard. i was put on this tiny insignificant planet to do something. i may not be doing it now, but in the future so i'll stay in hopes that whatever i do i can make someones day.... because nothing else makes me happier than to see people smile.

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