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Gender: Male

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Occupation: Angel

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Username: Ross Mohan
Formal Name: "Ross Allen" Mohan
Aliases/Titles: Mohan [Mal'akh Name] / Ross Allen [His Vessel's Name]
Age: His Body Appears in it's mid-to-late 20s / Celestial Age Unknown
Gender: Male [Body] / Genderless Celestial Form [Angel]
Birthdate: Original Creation Date Unknown / November 20th 1986 [Vessel's Birthdate] / January 8th 2005 [Acquired Vessel] / June 30th 2008 [Date of the Fall] / July 20th 2010 [Date of Change] / June 30th 2011 [Date of Re-Ascension]
Eyes: Piercing Slate. One is dead White, due to damage.
Hair: Messy Black Hair and various forms of facial hair.
Height: Ross is 6' 0" tall.
Weight: The Angel weighs 171lb.
Body Type: Strong, fit build with lightly tanned skin.
Voice: Deep and powerful, but kind. Gravely with a high-class Durem dialect and accent. His voice can boom with authority if he needs it to. As an Angel his voice could not be heard by humans.
Species: Nephal-Mal'akh [Fallen Angel] inhabited a Mortal man.
Date of Death: January 8th 2005 [Merged with Angel] / June 30th 2008 [Date of the Fall] / July 20th 2010 [Date of Change] / June 30th 2011 [Date of Re-Ascension]
Sexuality: Straight, by Human standards. Although, Angels are not meant to partake in sexual acts and thus lack sexuality.

Personal Life

Career(s): Business Owner, and Protector of the Innocent, but more importantly he's a father, lover and fiance.
Prior Jobs: Former Angel. His vessel was a lawyer. He was a teacher, professor, owner to various businesses, pet, lover, and husband.
Birthplace: Heaven [Angel]. Gaia [A Fallen/Vampire]. Durem, Gaia [Vessel]
Hometown: Currently Living in Deep Forest on Gaia.
Previous Occupancies: Heaven, Durem City, The City of Aekea, Barton Commerce District, and the Township of Gaia.
Abilities: The Angel possesses many skills, powers and gifts, some Angelic in nature, some mortal traits. These include: Immortality, Invulnerability, Empathy, Teleportation, Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina and Agility, and many Supernatural Magical abilities. He knows about sciences and magicks. He gained and lost various other abilities over the years.[View my Journal for Details.]
Weapons: Ross uses all kinds of blades, firearms, and other strange items. His knowledge, cunning, powers and training mixed together are his best weapons. As an Angel he possessed Angelic Blades and Heavenly objects.
Style: Ross dresses like a modern man, he wears dark clothes. Usually he wears suits and a long overcoat. He'll sometimes wear a hat or patch to cover his damaged eye. Since Angels appearance never changes, his hairstyle and facial hair should always remain the same, but he has manipulated his powers to create a new look for himself. He is now more casual, losing his ties, relaxing his style and adding longer, shaggy hair and facial hair.
Distinguishing Features: Ross's body has scars on its chest, arms, and face from his time as an Angel. He has a pair of fox ears which are never seen, a gift from the woman who called him her Pet. He has a mole on his face which was obtained as a mark from his deceased wife. Tattoos on his torso and arm or magical and religious symbols help to aplify his Angelic energy and shield him from Heaven gaze. He lost sight in one of his eyes leaving it white and lifeless. A vampire bitemark is present on his chest, from the bond made with his previous lover. His face is usually somewhat unshaven to hide some of the scarring. He recently had the paw print of the woman he loved, made from her essence, emblazoned on his abdomen to bind him to her.
Bio: Ross Mohan was born when he gave up his Status to "Fall" to Earth and Tear out his "Grace". He gained a conscience and soul due to his actions, while being bound to his mortal vessel. In return he created a life amongst the mortals of Gaia to help them, while creating a life and family of his own. Because of his betrayal, he is a wanted man and bounty to all those in Heaven. To spare his life he was bitten by his vampire wife and has taken on vampiric traits. He has since stolen Angelic 'Light' from others to restore him to his prior power. This removed the dark blood from his body, while still keeping him free from God's grip. He uses the power to keep his new family hidden and safe from Heaven's gaze. He has found love again with a woman he'd known for a few years, recently popping the question. [View my Journal for Details.] or [View my Profile for Details.]
Personality: Ross is stoic at first, but warms up easily. He genuinely calm and unemotional because of his heritage, but he can be hotheaded and stubborn. He is quick to jump into stuff.
Traits: Ross has many vices, he is a walking sinner. He used smoking, drinking, drug addition, sex, killing, torture and abuse of his abilities as means to any end. He has since cleaned up most of his act, but his overprotective nature and the sins that come with it still sometimes play a role in his negative behaviors. His Unforgivable Sins are Falling from Grace to Gaia and Killing his Angelic Brothers and Sisters.
Appearance: Ross looks as described above and how my Gaia Avatar. [View An Image of Ross] or [View my Journal for Details.] or [View my Profile for Avi-Art.] or [See GaiaOnline Avatar for Full Look.]


Parents: Ross Allen lacked any parents. He's an orphan, growing up in the system. Mohan the Angelic Being has only one parent, his Father, God.
Siblings The Angel considers all the other Angels to be his Brothers and Sisters. The man who's body he possesses has no known siblings, aside from the other orphans he grew up with.
Companion: Ross found himself in the service of a woman named Merena Tsukino . He was sent to protect her and watch over her, causing them to become close. She made him a Pet of hers.
Lover: The man met Roary O'Hana, whom he was also to watch over. This time the two briefly dated, but his status made it hard for him to truly connect with her and things fizzled out.
Fiancee: Ross has found himself smitten with a lycan named Lucy. He has bound himself to her, even beyond the normal status of being engaged and often refers to her as Miss Lucy or Lady Lucy. The two own a business together, where they live with their families.
Spouse: The human lawyer never married. The Angel who inhabits the man. has married twice. Ross' First Wife: was a Pixie, later Demon, named Sonoma Nicole Callisto-Mohan [Separated][Deceased]. Second Wife: was an Elven-Faerie Vampire Hybrid, Zoel Lillian Mohan (nee. Fallen) [Divorced].
Children: While his vessel never had any children of his own, Ross, as an Angel had two children with his previous wife. A daughter, Callisto Rae Mohan who was a Pixie-Nephilim, now an Angelic Spectre ; and a Demonic son named Damien Abel Mohan, who recently escaped Hell. He and Zoel have twins, a boy named Jaden Hunter and a daughter named Lyla McKay together. The twins recently came into their powers and becoming a power mix of Angel, Fae, Elven, and Vampire. [View my Journal for Details.]


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