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Undaunted_Hawk Report | 06/09/2012 4:36 pm
Undaunted_Hawk Report | 09/30/2011 6:50 pm
XP That's kinda sad, but then again, really funny. =3

You wanna do what in ze butt? You wanna do what in ze butt? Okay. ninja
Undaunted_Hawk Report | 09/29/2011 9:15 pm
XP The only thing that was going through my head was 'ooh, dark chocolate!'. XDD

What what?
Undaunted_Hawk Report | 09/17/2011 10:03 pm
In ze butt?!
kissing korpses Report | 06/09/2011 4:02 pm
kissing korpses
happy birthday(:
Uber-bani-gurl^^ Report | 03/11/2011 8:20 am
heh in your pm to me you said you were quitting gaia because the only poeple on here that mattered to you, you could keep contact with through text and email. i do not appreciate being lied to, and i wasnt comenting to get you to post again. ive recycled azriel already and found a much more open roleplay partner. i was just annoyed when i saw you online after all the things you said.
Uber-bani-gurl^^ Report | 03/10/2011 3:36 pm
i thought you quit gaia.
boo133 Report | 02/14/2011 7:23 am
Yay!Happy Valentine's Day to you to!not realy my fave holiday but still a thougtful one.
boo133 Report | 02/13/2011 7:36 am
Why thank you
boo133 Report | 02/13/2011 7:18 am
I now own a guild.

Something about me...

Oy! I sense a stalker... naw, just kidding. Well, hey. Seeings that you're already here... I can tell you the basics about moi!
Well... I moved from my hometown late August of 2009. Even thought I left a lot of people behind... I love it where I am now. I have the best friends I could ever ask for, and I'm as happy as can be!

I do believe in luck, wishes, and Love-at-first-sight. Yeah you can say those are childish... but I don't care.

Interests. I like music, watching movies, singing, acting, and cooking. You want to know more? Okay then...

~~~~~~~~~~~ Music ~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, here we go... my top three favorite musicians are Tokio Hotel, Adam Lambert, and The Gazette

~~~~~~~~~~~ Movies ~~~~~~~~~~~
Love Tron to death (the new one, I haven't seen the old one yet).

Others would be the Notebook, Labyrinth, Versus, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Hercules.

~~~~~~~~~~~ More about Me ~~~~~~~~~~~
I will fight for what I believe in... no matter what. My friends know this better than most. I will put up a fight (or heavy discussion) for gays, Adam Lambert, and the guys of Tokio Hotel. Fighting for Adam Lambert and gays is kinda self-explanatory... they are real people too, and deserve as much love and respect as anyone else. I defend and fight for Bill, Tom, and Gustav because they are really talented musicians... and I wish my friend would stop bashing on them. Let me make this perfectly clear... BILL IS A GUY!! He's male and as far as we officially know, he's straight, and no matter what anybody thinks, he'll stay that way. So just shut up about that. Tom... yeah he is a bit of a womanizer... but he's still a person, and a talented one at that. Last but not least... Gustav isn't a nazi! So far they haven't bashed on Georg yet... So please... if you don't have anything nice to say about the thing I care about... just shut up. I won't stand for it, and you'll just be begging for a fight.

Well, that's all for now! Rose out!


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