Hi there!

Nickname: Rose

I found kpop back in 2009 & it has become my life today.
My bias is Wu Yi Fan (Kris). I love BTS, Seventeen, BLACKPINK, TWICE & more ♥ .

Hall of Donors:
List started 03.26.14

• Q4U-chan - Volant Reverie 2nd Gen.
• BBykuvHLUBkoj143- Wopertinger Plush, Akademeia Red
• Savior of Humanity- Little Lucie 3rd Gen.
• A Random Fairy- Pixie Queen, Deen's Potion, Blackjack or Bust, Fine Lips, The Forest Fawns, her charity & more.
• Hinanawi- Flavors de Alpaca, Ruined Souls 2nd Gen., Spellbound Enchantress, Rosamund's Redemption, Shoujo School Girl Eyes, M's Sketchbook! heart
• Twizzzle-Stixx- Aria Dannata 6th Gen.
• Anon(s): Hidden Ace, SDPlus #352 Alfie, SDPlus #288 Mizuki, Haute Modena, Rookie Detective, & more
• Sharima & her charity.
•Chimera Cross- Attitude Alleycat
•XxAsuka_SamaxX- Flossy Fox, Odanodan, Astra-217: Mini Gold Flapping Angel Wings, Roseus Diamond Dog, Underground Sound
•azuneko1- City Roast Coffee
•`I c e y- Vienna Roast Coffee
•Hysteria Woe- Ruby Toadstool
•passerella- Lulu
•Karnival de Grimm- Street Bounce, A New Decade
•Kona Villain- Valhalla's Eternal Armor, Pahn's Horns
•Koitsune- Polar Ice Sea
•ewrr- Witch Double
•Candy Buttons- Noon Child
•Akanea Kurayami- Arrogant Princeless Princess, Stellar Starlet, Buttermilk The Kindly Pegasus, Boundless Amadea, Beloved Chickie Vain, Winter Sumiko & more heart

& a milllion more people :c

Also thank you to everyone in IL DTTPAY, Floating Wishes GTPAY, and Austin's DTTPAY!

I am missing quite a lot of items/names from this list.
If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know so I can add you here!


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I was gifting people emotion_c8

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thank you emotion_bigheart
Gasai Shizuka

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Gasai Shizuka

Thanks for buying yum_strawberry
Dallas Rayin

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Dallas Rayin

Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much dear! sorry I don't have much to tb! x3
Dallas Rayin

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Dallas Rayin

Thank you very much for the wishlist item!!!
Xxkobato hasegawaxX

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Xxkobato hasegawaxX

heart Hiya, fanks fer visitin' an buyin' from me lil store, 'ave a great weekend heart
from emi

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from emi

OMG yeees that shower scene
User Image
These captchas doh... LOL

The producers probably only put that scene to attract people.... And it sure did work emotion_drool
It was so beautiful omg
It was all shiny and sparkly in my eyes emotion_kirakira

But who showers with a towel on? emotion_donotwant
They could have shown waist up and it would have been ok xD

Yeah me too. My friend is all about Lee Minho ;<
But it's ok I have you now huehue
forever a fawn

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forever a fawn

Thank you so much


Questing: Kuma March scream & WL items [/color:74d55c5ecc]
❖ Big thanks to [b:74d55c5ecc]Akanea Kurayami[/b:74d55c5ecc] & [b:74d55c5ecc]Zella_The_Cutie[/b:74d55c5ecc] ❖[/color:74d55c5ecc] [/size:74d55c5ecc]