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Rose_Quartz_Heartbreaker (thats my name!)

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Last Login: 09/11/2011 7:31 pm

Registered: 09/23/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Imperial Beach

Birthday: 05/24

Occupation: In the Summer,I'm a beach Bum, and in the winter Im a mountain bum.

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drak vampire Report | 12/31/2009 7:04 pm
drak vampire
my computur doesnt like gaia very much, when ever i go on its really slow well anyway whats your facebook?
drak vampire Report | 12/25/2009 12:34 pm
drak vampire
yea i started to come back on gaia around sep
drak vampire Report | 12/19/2009 5:32 pm
drak vampire
wanna talk
drak vampire Report | 09/21/2009 4:37 pm
drak vampire
Assassin Panda X Report | 09/11/2009 5:05 pm
Assassin Panda X
Hey Misti i don't disslike u . I am very buissy working out and I joined a krew called the wm. White mafia. We dominate the hilltop high school lol
Maichanisacutie Report | 07/15/2009 4:46 pm
Misti who is Boy in Black? You know i have short term memory loss who is it?
Maichanisacutie Report | 07/10/2009 11:51 pm
one i dont care psh two thats fine nd WHAT?
Maichanisacutie Report | 07/06/2009 9:08 pm
lol amy firgured it out she still thinks i care that shes not my friend! Duh?! Of course i know she dosent like me and shes my enemy and watever oh happy joy! Love ya dude :" wink
drak vampire Report | 06/30/2009 10:15 am
drak vampire
it ok
drak vampire Report | 06/30/2009 10:09 am
drak vampire

about me...

My name is Stormy Katherine.
I'm 16. I'm in love <3 i value trust and respect. I have a crazy home life, and the beach is my escape. I hurt often, i'm what you'd call 'damaged goods' I cry. I'm human. I'm healing. Love has done me wrong, but after loosing faith completely, I was shown that i have way to much love to give away for me to waste time not wanting to trust. I write. It's mostly depressing. But that makes it possible for me to be happy around other people. I am depressed. I'm giving myself a fighting chance. The worst is over smile

Borrowed form my friend/sister in Christ Prinnces Pillow

By Maya Angelou 'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ That a man should have to seek Him first to find her.' When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean livin'' I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found and forgiven.' When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride. I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide. When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong. I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on. When I say.. 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success. I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess. When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect, My flaws are far too visible but, God believes I am worth it. When I say... 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain.. I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name. When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou, I'm just a simple sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow!

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Mist's misty book of randomness

I will put down random things, in hopes that someone will discover the real me and not who i am on the outside, and to see that I don't really have it all together.